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Forensic Science Degree Programs

Education Requirements for a Forensic Science Degree

If you have a four year degree and want to get into the exciting field of forensic science, just like those great characters on TV and because it is such an interesting career, then finding one of the top forensic science schools is crucial. There are many specialized areas to choice from and many chances to help solve crimes and keep people safer.

A few of the areas you can specialize in are medical examination, analysis in a crime lab, CSI, profiling, composite art done on the computer, and others. A forensic scientist helps with crime investigation by using tools like lab tests and special equipment to analyze evidence. There have been some less than stellar methods used in the past to try and solve crimes but today's high tech ones have proven extremely valid and helpful in investigations. Lead in bullets was compared to others and used by the FBI for 40 years, starting with JFK's assassination. This was thought to be useful because of the distinct chemical makeup of ammunition. You would learn at one of top forensic science colleges that this method was proven unreliable, and dropped from test schedules. Bite mark evidence has also been used in the past. False identifications were found to run around 63% and this method was also dropped.

Way back in the past, investigations and trials (when they had them) relied on coerced confessions and witnesses. Archimedes, when he used the term "Eureka (I found it)", wrote about using entomology and medicine to solve criminal cases. Sickles were gathered and flies attracted to blood, indicated the guilty party. The murderer confessed. A book written later in China also spoke about how to tell if someone drowned, or was strangled. They could also tell if a victim was murdered, of if their death was a suicide or an accident. The first use of fingerprints as evidence was in Argentina, when a door with bloody fingerprints was used to solve a case.

If you study at one of the top forensic science colleges, you will learn the history, present and future of forensic science. It is one of the most fascinating scientific "arts" that can be learned. CSI people are always in demand and will continue to be far into the future. Even hands-on forensic evidence was used to correctly identify a criminal, in the Sci-Fi movie The Minority Report. Their "hasn't happened yet but a psychic can predict it" approach was relegated into the pile of failed forensic methods.

This field is so important and saves lives all of the time. When a criminal is incarcerated, lives will be saved. We know so much now about forensic science but you could be one of the innovators and help other scientists learn so much more. Until society learns to control its criminal population, police and scientists will be needed to catch criminals and keep them away from the regular population. You may become addicted to solving crimes and that's a good thing for society. Start hunting for evidence of one of those top forensic science colleges right away.

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