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Associate Degree in Fire Science

Lots of little boys (and some little girls too) pretend to be firefighters when they are little, playing with the water hose and donning a shiny red fire helmet. Kids meet firefighters in school, see them in parades, and meet them on field trips the fire house. They are taught from an early age that Firefighters are our friends, and they learn quickly that they are heroic and brave. To start you’ll need to look into getting a degree in fire science. Never was this bravery and honor more on public display than on the morning of September 11, 2001, after the terrorist attacks in New York City. As people were running out of those buildings, New York City firefighters were running in, trying to rescue as many as they could. Thousands of lives were lost that day, including many Firefighters, when the towers fell.

A firefighter never knows what a day's work will hold for him or her. It could be routine tasks like washing the trucks, cooking a meal, or speaking to a group of school kids. Or, it could be an emergency the likes of which they have never seen before. House and building fires, forest fires, wild fires, car and airplane accidents; Firefighters respond to all of these emergency situations. Risking their life is often part of their job. Many people, both men and women alike, find this type of work to be not only exhilarating, but extremely rewarding. People who want to serve others and save lives may enjoy a career in Firefighting.

Fire Science Education

So, you have decided you really would like to follow up on your childhood dream of becoming a firefighter...what do you do now? Most firefighters will need, at the very least, a high school diploma to get started. Courses in Fire Science can be taken through a Vocational/Technical School or Community College. Individuals with this type of coursework experience will have a better chance of attaining employment and better opportunities for advancement. Find a fire safety certificate course for your career training today. Search the schools below. Is there a college degree for firefighters? Indeed there is. In many community colleges an individual can work toward an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science. These Associate’s Degrees can be completed online through a distance education program so one can work their coursework around their job and family life. At the Associate’s Degree level, a student will learn how to perform all the basic duties of a firefighter. They will generally receive instruction on the principles of fire science and learn all about combustible materials, learn how to operate and maintain firefighting equipment, various methods to get different kinds of fires under control, and procedures for fire rescues.

Advanced Fire Science Training

Firefighters wishing to further their education to the next level can work toward a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Fire Science. This four year degree program will give the student extensive training in the areas of administration for fire-protection service areas and disaster plans. Individuals who complete the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Fire Science can go on to become fire chiefs or find jobs in other high ranking leadership roles. These degrees can be earned at Universities both on campus and through online distance education. There are many opportunities for advancement if you choose a career as a firefighter. You can start at the entry level and take classes to work your way up the ladder. The more advanced knowledge and skills you have, the more likely you are to advance in the field. Although this type of work can be dangerous, firefighters are given thorough training in safety procedures. Still one never knows what kind of emergency a day in the life of a firefighter will hold.


Fire Science Programs