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Those interested in criminal justice must primarily be sociologists who are interested in the behavior of humans who make legal mistakes. She or he is an analytical thinker and a problem-solver. The well-being of members of society, especially of those who have been victimized by crime, should be of paramount importance to the criminal justice graduate. Knowledge of what is right and what is wrong is necessary, as well as an intuitive spark into the minds of people who break the law. There are a number of courses that would be of benefit to someone studying criminal justice (criminology). A solid knowledge of federal and state law is essential, as is knowledge of the workings of government. Prisons and corrections should also be understood. The criminal justice major should have a solid grounding in English (making reports), and be able to engage in public speaking. The workings of the criminal mind are of interest, so basic and abnormal psychology should be addressed. Forensics is a good course to take, as is computer science. Finally, criminal theory and juvenile delinquency are beneficial areas of study.

People starting out in the criminal justice field have a range of typical duties. They tend to do a lot of research and computer work. Some of the typical duties may include checking reports and cataloguing information. They may also be involved in crime prevention strategies and how to implement them. Compiling crime statistics is a typical job for new criminology graduates. They may also research the causes of crime. Attending autopsies is not unheard of, nor is being involved in crime scene investigations. One good thing about criminal justice specialist is that it is such a broad category that can branch out into so many areas of specialization. One such area is pure law (the court system). Criminology could be a prerequisite to becoming a lawyer or a judge. Corrections are another category of interest. Private investigation is a possibility, which is similar to bounty hunter, someone who hunts down fugitives. Forensics is a popular option thanks to its glorification on television. On the social psychology level, counseling is a branch of specialty chosen by many. Others are interested in fraud investigation, of which there are several sub-types.

If you are interested in becoming a police officer, criminal justice is a useful post-graduate degree to hold. Related to police officer is probation officer, someone who monitors the behavior of ex-convicts who are out of jail with restrictions. Another area of specialization is psychology with particular focus ion psychopathology. For those with an interest in substance abuse, there is rehabilitation. Especially for women, there are women’s studies. Finally, for those who excel in the classroom there is teaching. These are several areas of specialty but the list is not exhaustive. Check out the rest of our online degrees by selecting from any of the topics from our menu. If you are interested in studying and becoming a part of the wrongs of society and those who do them, this is a solid career path for you. Becoming involved with law enforcement agencies at different levels can be an exciting and fulfilling occupation. You can find online master’s degree in criminal justice here on this site by just clicking on the schools listed. We hope you find what you are looking for an would love the feedback.


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