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Court Approved Court Reporting Degrees

Earn your Degree as a Court Reporter

The Associate of Arts in Court Reporting program is the first step for a student looking to secure a career in any part of the criminal justice field. This class is designed to be the stepping stone to achieve further educational goals in the field. When a student completes this degree, they will have learned the fundamental skills needed to advance in this area and will learned to utilize them properly. A student, once graduated with a degree, may then proceed to a higher degree program in which this is a prerequisite.

The basic courses for this degree program will help the student learn the general an basic skill sets needed in order to advance to the concentration classes. They will also be valuable with everyday use as well. These fundamental skills will be taught utilizing such courses in areas like humanities, mathematics, social and life sciences and communication arts, among others. The skills learned include critical thinking and writing, information organization and collaboration. Once the student completes the basic fundamental classes, they will have gained the skills needed to advance to the core curriculum; they may do so and learn even more skills pertaining to the criminal justice area. This part of the degree program consists of courses needed to prepare the student in areas such as policing practices, corrections, criminal courts systems, juvenile justice, and they will learn through interactive assignments and learning systems. Students will also get a comprehensive look at these areas and by doing so; will acquire other critical skills needed to advance even further.

Once this degree program is completes, the student will be able to utilize the skills which allow them to recognize the functions of the criminal justice system and profession within the local area of their communities. Students will also be enabled to formulate valid conclusions, evaluate decisions and develop and base well-educated opinions on the learned topic. With these skills comes the ability to analyze the all-important relationship between citizens, police and the court system. The needed skills will be learned through various concentration courses geared towards the criminal justice sector. Some of the courses that teach this skill set are Foundations of Criminal Justice Systems, Foundations of Police, Introduction to Juvenile Justice, Introduction to Corrections, Introduction to Crime Systems and Security, along with many other core courses. When your court reporting certificate or degree program is complete, the student will be well prepared to either advance to the next degree program or advance in their career. Either way, they will have the necessary skills to do both.


Court Reporting Program Levels