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If you're looking for a step up into a new career in IT, or simply to give a little more polish to your resume with new qualifications, a Sun Certification might be just the thing for you! Sun Certification is a qualification offered by the Sun subsidiary of Oracle, a world leader in software and IT solutions. The Sun Certification credential is a qualification that may give inexperienced candidates the edge when trying to get their foot in the door of the IT and programming job market. The course and exam is offered exclusively by Sun Microsystems, a subdivision of Oracle, one of the world's best known and respected software companies. The Sun Certification is an entry-level qualification that is suitable for any student with basic understanding of computer operating systems (such as Windows 8, 7 or XP for Microsoft PCs, or Linux for other machines). Although the Sun Certification is entry-level, it can also be used as a stepping-stone to more complex credentials, such as a Sun Certified Java Programmer. As there are little or no educational requirements to enroll on a course, this is perfect for students with little formal education, or those looking to make a career change from an unrelated field.

There are various types of Sun Certification course on offer, each allowing you to specialize in your field of choice. However, some popular options include:

  • Java programming
  • Object-oriented design
  • Java design patterns
  • Unified modeling language
  • Java ME for mobile devices
  • Advanced Java programming
  • Introduction to programming

Many of the more popular Sun Certification modules and topics, you may notice, are related to the Java platform. This is no coincidence, as Sun is responsible for creating Java, one of the most common and versatile languages in the programming world that is used on many devices, including your cell phone! The course consists of classroom study, lab work and practical experience. At the end, you will take one or more exams and must pass to gain the qualification. For entry-level candidates, you can choose to study at either a technical school or community college in preparation of your exam, which will take place at one of many testing sites around the country. You may also choose to take the Sun Certification as an extension course at your university, however this is only recommended for more experienced users, and is designed for students with either an academic background in a related field (such as Computer Science) or extensive experience in programming.

The Sun Certification can open doors to a number of careers within IT. Some of the most popular and common jobs titles for those with Sun Certification include:

  • Computer software engineer
  • Application developer
  • Computer systems software engineer
  • Computer programmer

Although the job title might sound a little convoluted, the role of Java technologist is an important one, as the ability to develop Java applications is one of the highest-rated skills within the IT world. The use of this diverse language across so many applications, including PCs, networks and cell phones, calls for a great number of specialized staff across the world. Furthermore, Java's universal compatibility among operating systems, as well as its use in internet applications, make it an almost universally useful programming language. This wide applicability of Java means that a great number of employers highly value professionals with Java skills, whether working with a large development team or as lone programmers for a specific task. This has the added bonus of providing a wide scope for career options, meaning you have the freedom to choose whether you prefer to work as part of a large team, or on an independent, freelance or contractor basis. A Java Technologist is an expert in all-things Java. Often Sun Certified, Java Technologists are highly sought-after individuals with excellent professional skills in the application of the Java platform.

Before you start an entry-level Sun Certification, you will need the following:

  • A basic working knowledge of personal computers
  • Some knowledge and understanding of operating systems (such as Windows 8, 7, XP, etc. for Microsoft computers, and Linux for other machines).