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Solaris Certified Professional

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If you're a technically-minded, analytical thinker with an aptitude for computers, becoming a Sun Certified System Administrator might just be the career for you! An excellent career in the IT sector with great prospects for personal and professional development, SCSAs are hard-working problem-solvers who like a challenge. Sound like you? Then read on! A Sun Certified System Administrator is an IT professional that helps install, run and maintain network servers that run on the Solaris network system. Sun's SCSA course teaches you all the necessary skills for problem-solving and troubleshooting of the Solaris operating system, boosting your chances of working full-time as an SCSA. Although most SCSAs have a Bachelor of Science degree in a related field (such as Computer Science, or IT), there are other routes into becoming an SCSA, for those with less education or simply looking for a career change.

Although there are no formal requirements to study to become an SCSA, many employers require hired, full-time SCSAs to have a Bachelor of Science degree. However, there are other learning paths available for beginners. The Sun Certified System Administrator course teaches you the ins and outs of the Solaris system, as well as the knowledge required to install, maintain and troubleshoot network servers. Throughout the course, you will gain the technical and practical knowledge you need to work as an SCSA, culminating in two exams to assess your knowledge and competence. The Sun Certified System Administrator course consists of classroom study, lab work and practical experience. At the end, you will take two exams at your choice of licensed Sun exam site, and must pass to gain the qualification. You can choose to study at either a technical school, community college, or as an extension course to your degree program at some universities. Please note that as well as analytical thinking skills and a working knowledge of computers, many employers may also require you to have a degree in a subject relevant to IT and network servers. The SCSA is a qualification designed especially for those looking to join the growing market of System Administrators. Here is some information on a career as a System Administrator.

As a system administrator, you will need to be excellent at finding the best (often the simplest) solution to any network or server problem. You should also be able to communicate this solution in both technical and lay terms, allowing you to advise colleagues with a similar knowledge level, and to instruct IT support professionals in assisting network users. System administrators routinely look for new ways to update the network server, either to allow it to run faster and more smoothly, or to fix the common problems that frustrate its users. As the job can be demanding and the hours long, system administrators should be patient and be able to think clearly under great stress. As an SCSA, you should be competent in all aspects of the Solaris operating system and other Sun Microsystems open source software. You must also be able to work with a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and abilities, as you are likely to be key in the maintenance, support and updating of a network system used by a large number of people, especially in larger companies or organisations.

Some duties of your role as a system administrator may include:

  • Troubleshooting and problem-solving areas of the network server. Some companies may also ask you to perform downtime (of of regular office hours) maintenance and even be on call for urgent technical help.
  • Advising network users and support staff when there is a problem or “bug.”
  • Identifying and resolving problems, sometimes before they have been reported. This requires regular maintenance of the network server or servers you are responsible for and paying close attention to detail in order to pick up on any new developments or changes within the system.

Before you enroll on the SCSA course, you should:

  • Have an analytical mind, and be able to solve problems quickly and efficiently
  • Preferably have a degree in a related area. Although this is not necessary to join the course, many employers will require this before they can hire you, so it is worth bearing in mind.