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Do you enjoy working with numbers? Are you most comfortable when you are pecking away at a calculator, trying to make everything balance just perfectly? Have you always hoped that you would be able to further your education in this area and to then make a successful career for yourself doing what you enjoy? Even though you feel like you have this portion of your future career path determined, do you still feel a little unsure of just how to go about tackling this goal you have set for yourself? That is actually perfectly understandable. Continue reading below so that you can become familiar with all of the most relevant information regarding what a certification and training with Intuit and QuickBooks can make possible for you

Perhaps the first thing you will definitely need to know and understand is that Intuit is the company that created the software QuickBooks. Although there is no special course that will label you as a QuickBooks graduate, there is an examination that you can take that will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your proficiency. Typically, prospective examination takers will want to complete some sort of introductory training to ensure that they are indeed prepared for the examination. Keep in mind, by earning a passing score on the QuickBooks examination you will be classified as a certified trained user or a specialist with regards to this software. While any person, with any sort of background or training can take the QuickBooks examination, it is most common for interested individuals to be those who work in positions relative to accounting, operations management, or financial departments in large corporations. Although many employers may not require prospective employees to be trained and certified users of QuickBooks, having completed this training will certainly speak well of your abilities on your resume. It is also important to understand that just because you complete the initial training phase of QuickBooks does not necessarily mean that your training will remain up to date. As QuickBooks makes changes and updates to their software, you will surely want to familiarize yourself or complete some training with regards to these components.

You should note that Intuit will require you to pay fees for you to take their examination. Although anyone can apply for and take the examination, Intuit suggests that prospective test takers have at least a practical understanding of the software program. Keep in mind, most individuals use Intuit’s QuickBooks program on a daily basis to efficiently handle a company’s cost reports, cost analyses, payroll tasks, vendor and customer invoices, and any information relative to budgeting. In order to successfully use QuickBooks a user will need to be able to pay close attention to multiple details at once, to utilize a solid knowledge of operations management spending procedures, to be capable of analyzing large sets of numeric data, and to consistently maintain orderly and current files for a company. While it is not a requirement, Intuit recommends that individuals have approximately two years of relevant experience using their QuickBooks program before attempting to take the certification examination.

This small factor is likely to help individuals only have to take the certification examination once, as opposed to multiple times. Due to the fact that in our business world, many individuals are not required to have a formal post-secondary education, Intuit also does not require prospective QuickBooks certified users to have completed a formal degree program. However, it is important to understand that a formal education in a financial related field of study will likely help you to have a more solid background of understanding where such matters are concerned. It is very important to note that even if you have an extensive amount of experience using the QuickBooks software program it is likely to be in your best interest to complete at least some level of training. This is largely due to the fact that there are numerous functions within the QuickBooks software that will be tested on the certification examination. Even though you may use the software program on an everyday basis, it is still possible for you to not be familiar with each of these important functions without having completed some sort of specific training course. Keep in mind, there are practice certification examinations that you can take online that will help you to gauge your level of preparedness. In addition, the practice test will help you to see just what you need to focus more attention on so that you can study those particular areas more in depth before the actual test. Lastly, it is important to understand that you will be required to complete further training or take additional examinations in order to maintain your QuickBooks certification. Generally speaking, these recertification requirements are small portions that the company is making adjustments to so that the entire program operates more smoothly.