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Oracle Certified Master Program

OCM Training Programs

If you have already taken both the Oracle Associate Certificate and the Oracle Professional Certificate and wish to progress to Oracle's final and greatest challenge, becoming an Oracle Certified Master (OCM) may be for you. This is a prestigious title, and there are less than 400 OCMs worldwide, all of whom have their names published on the Oracle website. The Oracle Certified Master credential is the most challenging and highest level of Oracle certification. Oracle Certified Masters (OCMs) are proficient in all areas of Oracle, and must have at least 3-4 years' experience working with Oracle systems, as well as the OCA and OCP to qualify. An OCM is an all-round expert in everything Oracle, and it is a highly-respected and well-recognized qualification all around the world.

To become an Oracle Certified Master, you must have passed both the OCA and OCP credentials, as well as having a minimum of 3-4 years' experience with Oracle systems. Although candidates do not need much formal education for the OCA and OCP programs, most have either a Bachelor's or Master's degree in a related area, most commonly Computer Science. As you will already have passed the OCP, and have extensive knowledge and experience with Oracle systems, your area of study will build upon your comprehensive understanding. To sit the OCM exam, you must first complete two advanced instructor-led courses, either at a technical school, community college or Oracle-affiliated institution of your choice, or online through Oracle University. After this, you may sit the two-day exam for the OCM certification. Although the certificate does not expire, it is recommended that you keep your knowledge of new releases and product updates, either through Oracle conferences, which run nationally. The exam topics can vary, depending on the precise specialisation of your OCM, but can include data warehouse management and network configuration.

Your advanced tuition for the exam preparation must be instructor-led, though this can be either in a physical classroom or online. At the end, you will take two exams and must pass Oracle's specified minimal score to gain the qualification. You can choose to study at either a technical school, community college or via Oracle University, who have instructor-led training at affiliated sites around the world and virtual classrooms online, complete with self-paced study guides for its products and technologies. This is great if you want to work while you study, or simply fit in the hours around your other commitments. An OCM is best considered for those who are serious about their long-term career prospects, and gives a distinct advantage to those looking for high-level management positions or to accrue reputability as an independent contractor.

Those prestigious few who currently hold the OCM work in varied areas, including:

  • Freelance Oracle specialists
  • Oracle Technical Analysts
  • Senior Oracle DBAs
  • Senior Engineers
  • Senior Platform Architects

As an Oracle Senior DBA, equipped with your OCM, you will have almost the highest level of responsibility within your company, and typically earn as much as a Vice President or CEO. As well as one of the most prestigious careers available, the Senior DBA career path is a long and difficult one, and requires the utmost expertise and professional conduct, but in return offers excellent rewards in terms of salary, professional development and job satisfaction. For this role, you must have:

  • College-level communication skills, both oral and written
  • Determination. Although the rewards are great, you must work hard to get to the top, and once there it is not uncommon for DBAs to work or be on call on evenings and weekends, and to conduct downtime (that is, out of office hours) maintenance.
  • Experience. Although the OCM requires a minimum of 3-4 years' experience with Oracle databases, most DBAs have at least 5-10. In this respect, more is always better!