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If you have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Computer Technology or Information Systems and want to develop software for one of the world's largest companies, training to be an Oracle Developer could be for you! Oracle offers various levels of training and development, so you can progressively build upon your knowledge, increasing your technical skills, and possibly taking on other responsibilities within the company, such as people management, overseeing budgets, and working towards company growth. Sound like the kind of career development you're looking for? Then read on!

“Oracle Developer” is a job title that can refer to a number of different roles, including database analysts, designers or administrators, computer programmers, network administrators, systems administrators, web administrators or web developers. To be an Oracle Developer, you must be Oracle certified, and most candidates have a Bachelor's Degree in a relevant area, however some courses will allow students with an associate degree and relevant experience or other training. For Senior Oracle Developers, you must gain qualifications in all areas of Oracle technology, though less training is required for junior developers. However, as a developer takes on more responsibility in his or her role, they may be required to undergo additional education to meet with the evolving needs of their position. To become an Oracle Developer, you usually must have a Bachelor's Degree in a relevant subject. However, some technical schools and colleges may accept an associate's degree and/or relevant experience. There are many areas suitable for an Oracle Developer, and you should have extensive knowledge of your area of interest through your undergraduate study before you apply for the relevant certification. There is a search function on the Oracle training website that will help you find the right certification for you. Simply follow the link and press the red button marked “Find a Certification”, located at the bottom center of the page.

Please note that whilst some (especially lower) levels of certification may be obtained simply with the right pass mark from the appropriate exam, higher levels may require you to undergo Oracle training before you sit any tests. These preparation courses can be taken at community college, via a university extension program, or online through the Oracle University, and details can be found on the Oracle training website. Throughout your relevant university study, you will have learned the principles and languages that form the heart of Oracle development, such as the fundamentals of programming, important issues of security, and languages such as C and Java. Your certification with Oracle will teach you how to apply these principles effectively as an Oracle Developer, and better hone your skills in your chosen field of development. Although you will likely specialize in a field of interest, all Oracle developers must have an understanding of security, and how it is applicable to their respective area. All developers must also be able to communicate effectively with other technology departments within their company.

Although some certifications may only require an adequate pass rate from a relevant Oracle certification exam, most higher levels will require some level of preparation and training. The exam preparation course consists of classroom study (if you have chosen to study at a community college or as part of a university extension program) and coursework. At the end, you will take one or more exams and must pass to gain the qualifications you need for the area of development you have chosen. You can choose to study at either a technical school, community college or via Oracle University, who have instructor-led training at affiliated sites around the world and virtual classrooms online, complete with self-paced study guides for its products and technologies. This is great if you want to work while you study, or simply fit in the hours around your other commitments. Details of the availability of these courses can be found on the Oracle training website. As a certified Oracle Developer, the career possibilities are endless. Further training and certification can lead to careers such as business oversight, management and growth, though even with a basic level of relevant certification, an Oracle Developer's duties can include a vast array of tasks and assignments. However, typically an Oracle developer designs and manages one or more areas across Oracle's spectrum of work, which covers far-reaching areas such as databases, middleware, servers and storage systems.