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Oracle Online DBA Classes

Oracle DBA Course Certification

One of three certification paths available through the Oracle Corporation, an Oracle Certified Professional may have achieved certification in a number of different computer hardware or software skills. An individual hoping to become an Oracle Certified Professional must successfully complete examinations through the Oracle Corporation. With an emphasis on database management, the Oracle Corporation is an international computer company that produces hardware and software systems. The company is headquartered in Redwood City, California. The number and format of exams required for Oracle Certified Professionals varies by the skill being certified. For example, a software professional hoping to gain the title Oracle Forms Developer Certified Professional will require different training and exams than an individual aspiring to become a Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Certified Professional. A full listing of career paths, certification options, and the associated, required exams may be found on the Oracle University website.

Students who have completed an Oracle Certified Professional training program tend to focus on database management topics; classes typically focus on the basics of database design, and develop a working knowledge and use for the special-purpose programming language SQL. However, Oracle offers many certification courses for different professions; students should review the options available to their skill sets before beginning the Oracle certification exam process. While some employers might require additional education and training beyond the Oracle training program, individuals who have been noted as Oracle Certified Professionals have completed an often mandatory step in gaining employment as a database administrator, system administrator or computer programmer. Certified Professional-level certifications are available in areas including: e-business, database administration, PL/SQL development, Java programming, and forms development.

Those who already hold IT positions might look into Oracle certification in order to showcase workplace proficiency in application or database installation, repair or maintenance for specific Oracle products. Training and certification classes needed to become an Oracle Certified Professional are offered by Oracle University, the training piece of the Oracle Corporation. Oracle-branded classes may be offered in a college, community college, workplace training, or other setting. Some materials may be delivered directly from the Oracle Corporation. Lists of suggested training programs and exam guidelines are available on the Oracle website.

Before moving into the Oracle Certified Professional program, applications must complete the Oracle Certified Associate program. As the lowest level of Oracle certification, the DBA process includes two exams geared toward beginning database administrators. Applicants then may move on to the DBA certification process, which tests more advanced skills including user-managed backup and database architecture. Oracle offers online classes in each of the disciplines in which it offers certifications; length of program varies by interest area. For most training modules, students take online classes in a specific order, and may take them individually, or with a cohort of classmates. Class offerings range from basic to advanced, and students may choose a more general subject area, or take classes on highly specified areas of the Oracle product market. Students should be knowledgeable of the job area they want to enter, and follow an Oracle training and certification path that fits that job path.

Additionally, many schools offer training programs intended to prepare students to take and pass Oracle exams. These programs do not in themselves deliver an Oracle certification, but are instead intended to provide education and training adequate for a successful exam performance. An associate degree program in computer technology would provide background. Suggested undergraduate level degree programs include: Bachelors in Computer Information Systems, Bachelors in Database Management, and Bachelors in Technical Management. Master’s-level programs include: Information Systems Management, and Network and Communications Management. After completing a training program at a college or community college, and after successfully passing the exams needed to become an Oracle Certified Professional, students will be equipped to look for jobs in fields including: database administration, applications development and installation; computer programming; and systems administration. Depending on the field and the level of the desired position, employers may be looking for candidates with higher education (a Bachelor’s Science in Computer Science, or a Master’s in Computer Science) in addition to Oracle Certified Professional status.

Among the professions students might be qualified for is working as an Oracle Developer. In this position, the newly minted OCP would manage a variety of potential tasks, including creating and implementing a new database management system. Oracle Developers may also networks, programming languages, and Internet applications. Graduates of the Oracle Certified Professional program might also find employment as a systems engineer, applications support analyst, infrastructure project manager, database lead, business analyst, or consultant. Depending on years of experience and level of higher education, an individual who goes through the Oracle Certified Professional process has a wide range of career options from which to choose.