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ZENworks Certification Training

Get Trained as a Novell Zenworks Administrator

Do you consider yourself to be ambitious and are anxiously awaiting the chance to begin working on your professional career? Do you feel like the formal degree program that you completed at your local college will serve as a solid base from which to begin your contributions to this industry? However, are you well aware that in order to truly compete with other individuals in this industry that you will need to consistently add to the training programs and certifications that you have on your resume? While there are numerous positions that you will be able to pursue within the industry of technology, it is important to note that you will need to have a well-developed resume in order for you to be able to adequately compete against other job seekers. As you plan out your future you will definitely want to add in some training with the Novell software programs. Specifically, be sure that you add the Novell ZENWorks software program to your technological to do list! Keep reading below so that you can discover just what this program may be able to do for you in your professional pursuits.

Before we begin discussing this particular training program, you will be glad to know that because of all the recent technological advances in our society you will likely be able to complete the necessary training right from the comfort of your own home. This will allow you a great amount of flexibility, so that your training will easily fit into your previous lifestyle obligations. Another great option is to gather a few friends or colleagues who also want to complete this training program and hire a software consultant to come to your place of business to conduct a training session. Ultimately, you will want to choose a type of training program that will make the learning process as painless as possible for you. It is important to note that under the Novell umbrella of certifications you will have several different training programs that you can choose from. For instance, within the first course of a Certified Novell ZENWorks Administrator training program you can likely expect to learn the following concepts and information:

  • To create and deploy a workstation image
  • To distribute files and applications as you would deem appropriate
  • To deploy the Novell ZENWorks Adaptive Agent
  • To install and configure the Novell ZENWorks 10 Configuration Management
  • To configure and employ Remote Management
  • To configure policy management

Once you have successfully completed the first portion of your ZENWorks training program you will likely want to continue with the second phase of training. After all, you cannot fully complete your certification in this area without completing both sections of the training module. You can expect the second phase of your training program to be more advanced in nature and to teach you about these topics:

  • Patch Management Services
  • Advanced level administrative tasks that are directly associated with the Novell ZENWorks 10 Configuration Management
  • Asset Inventory Services

After you have completed both of these ZENWorks training courses you should be adequately prepared to take the Novell certification examination. Keep in mind, it will likely be a good idea to practice some of the concepts that you learn within your training so that you will have no difficulty passing the certification examination. In order to ensure that you are indeed adequately prepared for the examination it is a good idea to utilize the available training kit; this is certainly the best way to study for the examination. Within the examination you should expect to be able to perform the following:

  • Describe ZENWorks 10 Configuration Management Services
  • Discuss the Novell ZENWorks 10 Configuration Management Requirements
  • Be familiar with the ZENWorks 10 Configuration Management Architecture
  • Describe the ZENWorks Configuration Management System
  • Customize inventory
  • Generate custom reports
  • Implement software usage reports
  • Describe and configure Patch Management
  • Modify the Preboot Services
  • Configure Local Products
  • Establish mailbox security
  • Implement software usage reports
  • Configure user sources
  • Discover applicable network devices
  • Set up and implement remote management
  • Manage remote sessions
  • Configure action sets and create bundles
  • And many moreā€¦.

Did you scan through this list to see how many of these items you can already successfully perform? Do you feel like you have this certification examination in the bag? If so, take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with the rest of the examination objectives list. Still feel like you are ready? On the Novell website you can find a list of possible places that you can sit for the examination and the fees that are associated with the different levels of certification. Go ahead and register for the exam so that you can add this list of qualifications to your resume.