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CNE Novell Certification

CNE - Certified Novell Engineer Classes

Novell is a software company that specializes in workplace products. Its services include products specializing in security and desktop management. The company divides its products into three main areas: collaboration, which includes GroupWise, Data Synchronizer, and Vibe; file and networking services, which includes Open Enterprise Server, File Management Suite, and Business Continuity Clustering; and endpoint management, which includes Service Desk and ZENworks. A Novell Certified Engineer specializes in the Open Enterprise Server product. Focused on file management, enterprise networking and print services, Open Enterprise Server is based on a Linux platform. For each of the products it makes, Novell oversees a certification process consisting of optional training courses and mandatory skills tests and exams. To become certified in any Novell suite, a student must successfully complete a certification test. While educational training is not required, a course or work experience is recommended before taking the test. Training and certification in Novell products may qualify applicants for careers in systems administration, information technology management, network and security management, desktop administration, systems engineering, and other computer science areas, depending on the type of certification.

Courses offered in the Novell Engineer training module are divided into two learning tracks: Novell Open Enterprise Server and NetWare 6. The courses and required exams for the Open Enterprise Server track are:

  • Foundations of Novell Open Enterprise Server for NetWare -- covering installation, setup, file storage, printer services, and server management
  • Novell Open Enterprise Server for NetWare Administration -- covering upgrades, login scripts, licensing, and eDirectory
  • Novell Open Enterprise Server for Advanced NetWare Administration -- covering expert-level topics including troubleshooting server issues
  • Novell eDirectory Design and Implementation -- covering eDirectory structure, rights and management

Those on the NetWare 6 learning track already have earned a current Novell NetWare 6 CNE, and are only required to take the exam in Upgrading to Novell Open Enterprise Server for NetWare.

The costs for the required tests vary by type and the test taker’s location. Standard tests for those in the United States are $125, while practicum tests are $195. Training options include the opportunity to request on-location training, register for a class at a nearby location, take a self-directed course option, or participate in Novell’s “on demand” online learning program, which offers labs, quizzes, and other features commonly found in a classroom setting. Because Novell Open Enterprise Server is a network management tool capable of facilitating the day-to-day office tasks of an entire company, a Novell Certified Engineer is in a position to look for employment in higher-level network management career paths. Possible positions include network administrator and network engineer. Network administrator: A network administrator helps keep the computer systems of a company running. If using Novell workplace management products, this position might help set up file management and backup systems; configure printers and other shared office devices; and set up access profiles for various levels of employee.