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DCOM Certification Training

Online DCOM Courses by Microsoft

Are you interested in the most up-to-date credential in Microsoft networking and systems? Do you want to demonstrate your industry know-how? Perhaps you're looking for a credential to boost your resume? Then the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert credential might be for you! Used by mid-level IT professionals as a stepping-stone into the next level of their career, the MCSE is a vendor-specific credential by Microsoft, designed to validate the expertise of experienced professionals, with a particular emphasis on updated systems such as the .NET framework (an update to the previous Distributed Component Object Model technology) and new technologies suited to Cloud capability. The certification is especially useful for those wishing to prove their knowledge is up-to-date, which has become of particular relevance since the introduction of the Cloud storage system.

Who better to show you the ins and outs of the Microsoft world than their own developers! For many companies, hiring an expert isn't easy there are plenty out there that claim to have the expertise required for the network administration roles often offered to MCSE holders, but how does an employer know who to trust? This is where the MCSE comes in! A trusted certification, licensed by a global company with an excellent reputation goes a long way to convincing employers you've got what it takes for the job. If you have at least 2 year's experience as an IT professional, with a specialization in networking and servers, then you are suitable for the MCSE. Although not an official prerequisite, the most successful candidates also hold a Bachelor's or associate's degree in a related field, such as computer science or information systems.

With the MCSE, there are numerous areas in which you can specialize, from the Private Cloud, Sharepoint and even Messaging. However, as part of the core course, you will learn the essential updates to Microsoft technologies, such as the .NET Framework (updated from the old Distributed Component Object Model, which is largely obsolete), Microsoft networking and server tools such as the SQL Server 2012, and various Cloud components. For established programmers, there may be a lot of new information to take in regarding the updated technologies, however it is important to keep up with industry changes, and there is no better way to prove you are in-the-know about the new Cloud-adapted products than taking this updated qualification. Recognized as the international standard for excellence, the MCSE is a fantastic qualification for dedicated IT professionals wanting to prove their worth. Through online study or tutor-led classes at a community or technical college, there are many options for study, and Microsoft offer a range of study guides to aid candidates. For more information on the educational materials available for this course, please visit the Microsoft website, or contact your preferred educational institution. As an MCSE, you may be qualified to work as a software engineer. Here is some more information on the role.Software engineers design, fix and edit software for a wide variety of applications, from online banking to the apps on your cell phone. As a software engineer with an MCSE, your role would be focused on the maintenance of the networks and servers your company uses, through the following methods:

  • Writing original code to solve new problems, or designing new methods of implementing code
  • Editing or “bug fixing” existing code, usually in order to erase problems or update the software for new uses (such as producing new versions of a product)
  • Maintenance and updating of existing applications
  • Testing, updating or implementing security measures

Using your knowledge of updated technologies, such as the .NET Framework and SQL Server 2012, you will be at the cutting edge of software engineering, ensuring your clients' software is brought forwards with modern industry changes, and avoiding obsolescence. Software engineers with this knowledge are going to be more and more in demand, as companies adjust to the new Cloud technology and its related, updated products.

Before you enroll on an MCSE course, you should:

  • Have a minimum of 1-2 years' practical or hands-on experience in network and server installation, configuration, design and troubleshooting
  • Have an excellent knowledge of Microsoft operating systems (such as Windows 8, 7 and XP).
  • Preferably have a Bachelor's degree in a related subject, such as Computer Science.