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Are you interested in completing a training program in Microsoft SharePoint? Do you feel that you have already established yourself in the technology field, but you know that in order to compete against others in your industry you will need to continually add to your trainings and qualifications? Do you already have some basic training programs and certifications under your belt, but the Microsoft SharePoint certification appeals to you because it is one that you can complete fairly quickly? Even though you have basically decided to complete this educational program, are you also realistic enough to know that you really don’t know enough about what you are about to jump into? Sounds like you are approaching your future training opportunities with a smart line of thinking; conducting research in regards to what you can expect from a training program is always a great place to start. This will help you to know what this training program may be able to do for you as you pursue your career, what subsequent training programs may need to be completed, and what skills you may need to already possess in order to be as successful as possible.

Let’s start at the beginning-Microsoft SharePoint is a program that consists of online tools and website tools that are utilized to help project teams collaborate and achieve their end goal. Generally speaking, the website tools that are a part of Microsoft SharePoint’s program will be ideal to help you share information, track deadlines, share project files, and report to your team regarding project milestones. There are a few different means of accomplishing your training for Microsoft SharePoint. Ultimately, you will want to choose a training method that will fit your learning style, your lifestyle, and the previous work or family obligations that you will need to maintain. The first training option is to utilize the Microsoft SharePoint Training Portal. This training portal was created by Microsoft and is maintained by Microsoft. Through this website you will have a list of the approved training opportunities that can help you accomplish your goal. In addition, the portal will provide interested individuals with a list of the requirements that one must meet in order to become certified in SharePoint. Along with a list of possible training options for individuals who are not interested in becoming fully certified, the portal also recommends online learning options, textbook type options, and instructor led options that will help you learn the components of this Microsoft program. Lastly, the portal gives individuals the chance to view short, online videos that will adequately discuss important beginner level topics for this software program.

However, if you are the type of individual who benefits from an instructor led learning environment, then perhaps you should consider New Horizons Computer Learning Center. This facility is recognized as being the largest independent internet technology company in our world. Considering the fact that this company has over 125 locations nationwide it is very likely that there is a location near you. If not, do not let that deter you and your learning goals! Instead, you can pursue your certification through an online forum, which is complete with a training library and live online class options. Recent online research shows that this company offers more than 50 class titles that address every ability level. Keep in mind, no matter what your ability level is you will only want to choose an online learning format if you are able to self-discipline and self-study. However, a primary perk to this type of learning environment is the ability to set your own pace so that your education seamlessly fits in with your lifestyle. A third option to complete your training in Microsoft SharePoint is to utilize the website. This will provide you with a large collection of video trainings that you can watch in order to receive your instruction regarding this software program. Currently, offers interested individuals more than ten hours of video training for the 2010 version of SharePoint and thirteen more hours of training for the 2007 version of the software. You can expect the videos to include high level overviews, along with step by step tutorials that are sure to be beneficial to your learning process. It is important to note that you will be required to pay a fee to have access to their collection of online videos. It is imperative to note, that as with many other software programs you will want to allow yourself ample time to practice the skills you will be learning within your training program. For instance, until you have had a chance to apply what you have been told you cannot truly consider yourself to be successfully mastering this software program.