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Have you recently completed a formal degree program in a field of technology at your local college? Have you also been working to complete additional training programs within the field of technology so that your resume stands out far above any fellow job seekers? Do you have several Microsoft training programs under your belt, but you still aren’t quite professionally satisfied with your ranking among your colleagues? Are you on the lookout for other Microsoft trainings that you can complete in a short amount of time and you have stumbled across the Microsoft FrontPage software program? Were you intrigued by this software, which allows individuals to create a website. Although this Microsoft program was initially introduced as a part of the Microsoft Office suite of programs, currently this software program is a stand-alone program. The Microsoft FrontPage software program is ideal for creating web pages from the ground up, complete with HTML interfaces. In addition, by learning Microsoft FrontPage you will become familiar with techniques that can help you drive traffic to your newly created website. Microsoft FrontPage is sure to be a great addition to your technological resume; continue reading below to learn what you need to know about this software program and what it may be able to do for your future career path.

The first great perk with regards to learning Microsoft FrontPage’s software program is that you can complete a free online training program that will teach you exactly what you will need to know about this great program. Another great perk to this software program is that you do not have to have an extensive knowledge of HTML to be able to use the Microsoft FrontPage program. This is due to the fact that Microsoft’s FrontPage program embeds the HTML code in the background of the website you are creating. In addition, in the technological world the FrontPage program is considered to be a “What you see is what you get” type program, since what you see on the screen is what your finished page will look like to a viewer in a web browser.

As a brief overview of how to learn how to use the Microsoft FrontPage program, let’s look at the steps you would need to follow. First, you will want to begin by opening a website by clicking on file and open site. You will receive a prompt to enter the name of your website and to then subsequently enter your user name and password. FrontPage will then allow you access to your website and will display any files or folders that are on your web server. Should you decide to view any of the contents of a folder you simply need to click on the folder that you wish to open, make any of the changes that you deem necessary, and save your changes before closing the folder. Although FrontPage will only allow you to open one folder at a time, it does make it possible for you to open several different web pages simultaneously. With just a few clicks of the mouse you will be able to add a new page or a new folder to your website. Be sure to appropriately name the newly created page or folder so that once you have multiple folders within your webpage you will have no difficulty knowing what is contained within the folder. Once you have completed the first phase of the Microsoft Excel training module and you are comfortable with how to use the components, you will advance on to the portion that teaches you how to create charts. Not only will you learn how to create an effective chart, you will also learn how to enter commands into the chart and how to make any necessary changes to the chart after you have created it. Next, your training will teach you how to create a PivotTable report. Within this section of your training program you will also be taught how a PivotTable report can be used to summarize your data, organize your data, and analyze it to reveal the underlying meanings. It will also be important for you to learn how to use the filter function in order to hide data or to display data and how to create appropriate formulas within a PivotTable report.

The Microsoft FrontPage software program will also give you the option to choose the type of view that best fits your learning style or working style. For instance, newbies who are not as familiar with the aspects of web design will likely be more comfortable with the design view option. On the contrary, individuals who are experienced developers and want to write their own code will likely want to work within the code view choice. Lastly, experienced individuals may also want to work within the split view work style that will give you the chance to see any changes that are made as they are made; you will be splitting your view between code views and design views. Within the design view mode, individuals will have the chance to add text to their page. Once you have inserted text, you can use many of the tools that are utilized within the Microsoft Word program to customize your data. For instance, you can underline, boldface, italicize, or highlight the text as you see fit. After you have successfully entered your text, you may also want to think about adding clip art, images that you upload, or a table. Each of these functions will also be completed within the design view mode of Microsoft FrontPage.