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Are you nearing your high school graduation? Have your parents and other family members been encouraging you to choose a path of study that will result in a viable career path? Is it your gut feeling that you should apply your natural ability towards technology to select a formal degree program that will surely yield a promising professional future? Are you eager to choose the most appropriate path but you have found that to be quite a daunting task? If you were able to answer yes to each of these questions, then reading below will surely make your decisions a little easier.

First of all, it is important to note that in the technology industry a formal degree program is often not enough to make your resume stand out against fellow job seekers. It is much more common for individuals to complete a technology related degree program and to then complete specific training or certification programs that will directly lend themselves to daily work responsibilities. You will also want to keep in mind that it is highly likely that you will find it necessary to complete multiple training programs that will serve to increase your value as an employee and to make it more possible for you to climb the ranks of employment within this industry. This will likely be the case no matter what type of technology related degree program that you complete. However, do not let this simple fact deter you; most of the certifications that you will want to complete are offered in an online learning format. This fact alone will surely make it more feasible for you to complete, even in conjunction with your work schedule. In addition, you can expect your individual training sessions to be set up in a manner that will allow you to complete them in a short period of time.

Microsoft Excel is one of the commonly used software applications that a person in the technological industry will definitely want to be well versed and certified in. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that is utilized by many different types of companies and across many different industries. The setup of the Excel program makes it easy for individuals to use it for keeping track of financials, inventory, and other such items in which formulas can be utilized for management. As you begin to learn the Excel program it will be in your best interest to first become familiar with the layout of the software. This will allow you to learn about everyday tasks that Microsoft Excel can be used for in the work place, how XML files are formatted, how to enter formulas for a variety of mathematical operations, and how to create a workbook. Once you have completed the first phase of the Microsoft Excel training module and you are comfortable with how to use the components, you will advance on to the portion that teaches you how to create charts. Not only will you learn how to create an effective chart, you will also learn how to enter commands into the chart and how to make any necessary changes to the chart after you have created it. Next, your training will teach you how to create a PivotTable report. Within this section of your training program you will also be taught how a PivotTable report can be used to summarize your data, organize your data, and analyze it to reveal the underlying meanings. It will also be important for you to learn how to use the filter function in order to hide data or to display data and how to create appropriate formulas within a PivotTable report.

The next phase of your training will be focused on how to share data by exporting via a sharepoint. This tool will allow more than one person to have the opportunity to make revisions to the spreadsheet as they see fit. However, it is also possible for the creator of the spreadsheet to make it possible for some individuals to simply view the document, while others can make relevant changes. To complete your training in Microsoft Excel you will also be expected to learn basic office skills as they pertain to the software program. For example, you will be required to learn the shortcuts that you can make within the Excel program by using the keyboard. It will also be important that you learn how to protect your data and your computer from potential risks.