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Online JavaScript Certification

JavaScript Online Classes, Training

Are you the type of person who thinks of themselves as a technology geek? Are you thinking about completing a formal degree program in a technologically focused field of study? Or, maybe you are an individual who has already completed a formal college degree program, but you are finding that you still aren’t completely satisfied in the professional arena? Are there specific certifications or training programs that you are sure will aid you in the goals and aspirations that you have set for your career future? Based on your chosen area of educational emphasis are you looking to receive some further training in the area of JavaScript? Perhaps you chose this training area yourself, or maybe your employer suggested that this extra training would serve you well in your advancement in the company no matter which of these situations fits you, you are in the right place! If you feel like you were just described perfectly, then you will definitely want to continue reading below so that you can learn what you need to know about this certification program and what it may be able to do for you and your career path.

In order to master the JavaScript program it is highly recommended that individuals complete a training course. While you can complete this course at a traditional college campus it is also possible to complete the courses via an online learning format. Typically, it takes students about three days to complete a training course for JavaScript. Within your training program you can expect to learn how to create a web page that is more interactive by integrating JavaScript. Although JavaScript is definitely considered to be an easy to learn language of technology scripting, it is likely for individuals to be more successful in this technological aspect with some level of training under their belt. As an added perk, JavaScript is supported by all well-known web browsers. You can expect to be taught how to calculate total orders, how to create image rollovers, how to create conditional navigation, and how to correctly write JavaScript code for form validations, among other lessons.

While there are no formal prerequisites in place for individuals who are considering taking a training program in JavaScript, it is recommended that interested parties have a solid knowledge of HTML and general technological aspects. However, if you do not have a good, working knowledge of HTML then it will be highly beneficial for you to complete a one day training course in HTML before beginning your three day course in JavaScript. Conversely, if you consider yourself to be well trained in the suggested technological areas, then the JavaScript training course can be altered for more advanced level students. As previously mentioned, there are no formal prerequisites that are necessary for an individual to enroll in this training course. However, by having a significant amount of technology experience you are helping to ensure your success in this training course. Once you begin working on your JavaScript training course you can expect approximately 70% of the lessons to be hands-on and about 30% that is lecture based. Since the creators of this training program believe that the majority of the learning process in the technological world is achieved by actually doing, you can expect even the lecture portions of your training to be short in length. In addition, once you learn a new concept you can expect to have the chance to apply what you have learned to a real world technological setting.

Upon completion of your JavaScript training module you should be able to successfully perform the following:

  • To effectively use the object and the syntax of the JavaScript language (for example: loops, functions, conditionals, and statements, among others)
  • To put into practice the basic fundamentals of JavaScript
  • To know how to use JavaScript to write code for validating forms, for conditionally navigating the user to various pages, for handling image rollovers, and for totaling orders

If you are still convinced that completing a JavaScript training course would be in your best professional interest, then hang in there a few more minutes to learn where you can obtain your educational training. First, you have the option to complete your training as a live online course, which will allow you to work from the privacy of your own home or other location of your choosing. There is also the option to have a JavaScript instructor come to your corporate location. Keep in mind, you must at least have three interested individuals for an instructor to come to you. Ideally, you will want to base this decision on your learning style, your location, and whether or not you have the additional interested parties.