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HTML Programming Training Programs

HTML Programming Courses

HTML, an abbreviation for HyperText Markup Language, is a web editing-focused coding language. It is the foundation for many website designs, and is used by web developers, designers and editors. Web browsers read HTML, and display the elements coded into the language. Examples of elements displayed by browsers include paragraph divisions, bolded or italicized text, and hyperlinked text. The first version of the language was created in 1990. While HTML is an essential skill for any information technology professional hoping to work with online products and systems, it is useful for many communications, business, nonprofit, and other career areas. There are many avenues for learning HTML and how to implement it in a work setting. It is included in many four-year computer science programs, but is understood to be more of a prerequisite for aspiring computer programmers. Training options for those completely new to HTML and coding languages include free online courses and tools, community college courses, and university continuing education programs.

- Free online courses and tools: There are dozens of activities and training courses available online for learning and practicing HTML. offers tutorials for all the different versions of HTML, as well as certificate programs for completing certain courses. also offers tutorials that users to start, and pick up whenever they like. Both websites give hands-on experience for learning to implement HTML. Online tools are a great way to learn the basics of HTML on a flexible schedule.

- Community college courses: Because HTML is considered by many employers a useful professional development skill, many community colleges offer web editing and design courses that focus on using HTML to code website elements. To find listings of these courses in your area, look at computer sciences, information technology, web design, and graphic design course listings. Many colleges offer courses that are taught entirely online, often for course credit. Other classes might occur on campus, in the evenings or on weekends.

- University continuing education programs: Major colleges and universities also offer courses focused on web editing, web design, HTML and other coding languages, such as CSS. These classes tend to focus on how to use these skills directly in the workplace, and are targeted toward working professionals. Like community college options, the courses are offered for credit, through online learning or during evening or weekend classes.

HTML is a basic skill for many types of computer technology, programming, web design, and communications positions. Some of the career fields in which moderate-to-advanced HTML capabilities will be beneficial to job seekers include web designer, web content editor, communications coordinator, web developer, and blogger.