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Are you interested in pursuing a degree program in computer game programming? Did you recently mention this possible educational and career path to your family members and they looked at you with a somewhat crazed look in their eyes? Are you now more determined than ever to do your research regarding this degree program so that you can prove to your friends and family that this can indeed be a worthy career path for you? Well, you are certainly following on the right path. Continue reading below so that you can learn the most pertinent information about this potential career path, which will make it easier for you to determine whether or not this will be the most ideal choice for your future. It is extremely important for you to understand that a degree program that will adequately train you for a career as a computer game programming may actually encompass several different formal degree programs that are offered by colleges and universities.

Once you have completed your degree program in computer game programming you will actually be able to seek employment in several different positions, such as software engineer, digital artists, computer game designers, or other related technological workers. In some cases, you may attend a college or university that offers a formal degree program in computer game programming or design, while at other learning institutions you may have to pursue a degree in computer science or computer engineering, with a strong emphasis in gaming design. No matter which particular type of degree program that you choose to pursue you can likely expect to be required to complete courses such as analytical geometry, data structures, motion dynamics, three dimensional modeling, mathematical applications for gaming design, animation, artificial intelligence, programming logic and design, and graphic oriented simulations, among others.

Keep in mind, there are several different levels of degree programs that you can choose from at practically any college or university of your choosing; the jobs that you will be qualified for will ultimately depend upon what level of educational training that you successfully complete. For instance, by completing a lower level, undergraduate degree program you will be qualified to pursue entry level positions as digital artists, software engineers, or computer game designers. However, should you decide to complete additional training courses or formal degree programs then you will likely be qualified for higher level positions that will delegate more responsibilities to you in your daily work. It is important to note that these few occupational positions are certainly not the only choices that a trained and certified gaming programmer will be able to seek out. Another important factor to consider is the fact that while most potential employers will require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree program, some employers may be willing to hire you if you have completed an associate’s level degree program. Keep in mind, if you have only completed an associate’s level degree program, you can likely expect your future employer to require you to further your educational training at some point in the near future. In some cases, any relevant experience that you may have will help to replace where you may be lacking with a formal educational degree program. At some point in your educational training to become a computer game programmer you can expect to be required to create your own video game.

In addition, many colleges and universities require prospective graduates to complete an internship before they enter the work force in this industry. While not all colleges and universities require these two components prior to graduation, you can rest assured that they will only serve to help you be more prepared to obtain gainful employment that will be satisfying in every avenue. In addition to your formal degree, no matter what level you have completed, many employers prefer for their employees to also complete specific certifications. Many times, these certifications are directly related to the type of organization that you become employed by or the specific type of game that you end up programming or creating.

Are you now convinced that this is the occupation for you? If not, here’s one last factor to consider. According to recent online research, the available jobs for certified computer gaming programmers are expected to increase by more than 20% through the year 2018. In addition, many positions may allow individuals to work from home to conduct at least some of the duties of their job. For instance, employees may have the option to work from home a few days each week and to report to the central office on the remaining days of the week. However, each of these factors will primarily depend upon where you become employed and the consistent performance that you demonstrate to your employers.