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Did someone recently tell you that they were working in ASP, or active server page? Did you look at them, slightly confused, because you really didn’t know what that meant? Since then, did you decide to look at this as a potential career path? If you work in ASP you are actually working in an area of web development that focuses on server-side scripting. Typically, you can complete the necessary training through a technical college or a community college. While it definitely is not your only option, Microsoft offers a tutorial on ASP (active server pages). Within this training program you can expect to be required to complete two components that are designed to teach you about applications and demonstrations. The first module teaches you how to make an ASP page using VBScript and HTML. After completion of the first module you can begin working on the second module. This component focuses on how to build an ASP page that consists of advertisements so that the site can generate e-commerce. It is important to understand that in order to enter this training program you are not required to have any previous educational training in this area.

Within an ASP training program you will be learning how to build an interactive web site and application that utilizes a server-side script technology in conjunction with XML, HTML, and COM software languages. You can expect to complete courses such as: ASP page functions, guest book creation, HTML tag displays, ASP page writing, count page hits, rotate ad information, excel spreadsheet displays, redirect users, and test ad rotator. Take a few minutes and peruse our site in search of schools that particularly appeal to you and your educational and career goals. Feel free to request a complimentary information packet from any of the technology schools that you may be interested in. Once you are properly trained in ASP it will be likely that you can obtain employment in any area of technology. For instance, if your ASP training doesn’t exactly apply to the job requirements of another technological position, it is likely that you can secure the position and then complete the additional training that is necessary to complete the requirements of the position. It is important to note that web developers are needed in practically every industry, making it possible for you to seek employment in a wealth of areas. Find the perfect .ASP training courses below. Research as many schools as necessary to make the best decision.