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Online CompTIA CTT+ Certified Technical Certification

Online CTT+ Training Courses

Would you like to be a technical trainer? Are you looking for a certification that is internationally recognized? Would you like to boost your resume? Then becoming a CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer could be right for you! CompTIA is a globally-recognized non-profit organization that provides vendor-neutral training and certifications for IT professionals that are respected by companies across the planet. Vendor-neutral qualifications have the advantage of being broader in scope, so are excellent for those who are looking to pursue a career in IT without the hindrance of narrower, if perhaps more detailed, product-specific knowledge. The CompTIA CTT+ credential validates the knowledge and expertise of technical trainers, allowing them to go on and teach technical skills in either a physical or virtual classroom environment, dependent on their secondary exam choice. As well as being globally-recognized, the CompTIA CTT+ certification is recommended for all trainer working for Adobe, Dell, Microsoft, Novell and Ricoh, and The Training Associates also look for CompTIA CTT+ certification when hiring trainers. With company recommendations like these, you know that this is a worthwhile credential.

Through the course, you will learn essential training skills, such as preparation, presentation, communication, facilitation and evaluation in both a classroom and virtual classroom environment. You will learn how to manage the learning environment effectively, so your students can gain the most from your instruction; how to provide positive reinforcement and constructive feedback; how to most effectively use various educational media, and how to establish and maintain your credibility as a tutor. By the end of the course, you should be able to demonstrate great communication and presentation skills, show effective questioning skills and knowledge of questioning techniques, and be able to analyze course materials for suitability. Through a combination of exam preparation and teaching practice, you will learn how to be a great technical teacher. At the end of your course, you will be required to sit and pass two exams, and submit video of your physical or virtual classroom teaching, to gain the credential. However, unlike some CompTIA certifications, once you have your qualification, you are certified for life, and there is no requirement to update your credential, though some candidates choose to do so as part of their own personal and professional development. Each exam has 95 questions, and candidates are given 90 minutes to answer. Exam topics could include:

  • Planning prior to the course (such as modules, topics to cover, and how much time to dedicate to each subject)
  • Methods and media for instructional delivery how you will present information to your future students)
  • Instructor credibility and communications
  • Group facilitation and evaluating the training event

Once you have received your CompTIA CTT+ certification, you may be qualified for a number of instructional roles in IT, such as a technical trainer. Here is some more information on the role. They say “them that can do, them that can't, teach”, but given your experience in the field you will now be tutoring, you will buck this trend from the start. As an instructor, you will be aiding others in gaining the qualifications and education they need for their careers. You will have excellent oral and written communication skills, and will feel confident standing at the head of a classroom. Although a college degree is not essential, many employers do prefer trainers with a relevant Bachelor's or associate's degree, in fields such as computer science or information systems. You will have excellent technical knowledge, and be confident in passing on your know-how, usually gained through several years of experience working in the IT sector, to prospective IT professionals, or established professionals looking to improve their career options.

You will be able to present accurate information in a stimulating manner, and assess the learning needs of your students, as well as providing constructive criticism and feedback. Whilst still encouraging your students, you should also be able to temper their expectations, and provide realistic advice, especially for those who may be struggling, offering additional support or resources in areas that require the most improvement. You will use a variety of educational techniques to create an exciting classroom environment, whilst ensuring you do not patronize the adults you will be teaching, and be able to create a balanced learning platform to suit the different abilities you are teaching.