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Online CDIA+ Certified Document Imaging Architect

CDIA+ Certification Online

Are you looking for a career in document management? Are you looking for a stepping stone into an IT-related career? Do you want a qualification that will boost your resume? Then perhaps the CompTIA CDIA+ Certification is for you! The international, vendor-neutral certification covers all major areas in the technologies and best practices used to plan, design, and specify a document imaging management system. Put simply, the course teaches you the ins and outs of all areas of document management, and the sort of software and hardware available to help you. Being vendor-neutral means you will have a broader scope of the available technologies, and not be restricted to a company-centered view, which, though it can be more detailed, can be limiting for those not wanting to specialize in vendor-specific software, hardware, or other systems.

Supported by companies such as Canon, Ricoh, Konica and Kyocera, the CompTIA CDUA+ Certification is recognized and supported all over the world by industry leaders in the field of digital imaging and document management, so you know you are taking a respected, worthwhile credential with CompTIA. As there are no prerequisites to joining the CDIA+ course, this qualification is great for those just wanting to start out, or even looking to change career, and with CompTIA's range of credentials, candidates can build upon the knowledge they gain with further training, allowing for excellent personal and professional development.

By the end of your course, you should have the equivalent knowledge of a documentation and imaging professional with 12-18 months of hands-on experience, putting you ahead of the pack when you come to apply for documentation and image management jobs. A CompTIA certification could help you go far, and tells employers that not only are you qualified, with the necessary skills and knowledge to get the job done, but also that you're serious about your career. Usually you will study either at a community or technical college, or alternatively you could choose to self-study, for which CompTIA offers a range of educational materials to support the course, such as books, study guides and DVDs. Once you have completed your course, you must sit and pass one exam to gain the qualification. The exam is 90 minutes long, as has 85 questions, and the exam topics include:

  • Gathering business requirements
  • Analyzing business processes
  • Recommending a solution
  • Designing a solution
  • Planning for implementation

The exam is available in multiple languages, and there is an option of a 30-minute extension to exam time for non-native English speakers wishing to take the exam in English. Please ask your institution or visit CompTIA's website for more details on extensions and exam languages. Around the world, companies of all shapes and sizes use documents as part of their daily business needs, so CDIA+ certified individuals are becoming more and more in-demand, as the need to digitally store and transfer documentation becomes more apparent. With a CompTIA CDIA+ certified electronic document manager on board, companies can rest assured they are in good hands when it comes to the digital transfer, storage and presentation of their documents.

There are a number of careers you could find yourself qualified for upon completion of the CDIA+, including electronic document management (EDM) consultant, solution sales specialist, electronic records manager or document imaging specialist. Here is some information about the role as an EDM consultant. Electronic Document Management is a key enabler for efficient working in many organizations and in the age of e-mail, the newer Electronic Records Management technologies are becoming a business imperative for good control and management of essential, often sensitive, information. As an EDM consultant, you should draw on your knowledge of the complete range of products from industry leading hardware and software vendors, in order to provide the best storage and management systems for you client. The scope of your work could include the design and implementation of a document management system, tailored to client requirements, to simply advising current employees on how to safely, reliably handle documents and file them digitally. There are a number of reasons companies need electronic document management solutions, including:

- The necessity to become more efficient when approving payments - Implementing tighter controls over information (especially sensitive information, such as customer and staff records and electronic copies of vital documents, such as contracts) - Security and accessibility digital storage provides an excellent buffer against disasters such as fire or flood, as the digital copy will remain intact, plus there is the further advantage that documents may be accessible from outside of the office (especially useful in our global business age) - Reducing the space being used by traditional filing (this has the added benefit of reducing overall costs through digital storage)