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Do you consider yourself to be a technology geek? Have you recently completed a formal degree program in the technological field of study, but you are finding that you still aren’t completely satisfied in the professional arena? Are you looking for particular certifications or training programs that will aid you in your goals and aspirations for the future? Due to your area of educational training, are you looking to become further certified in some of the available Adobe programs? Do you keep going back to the Adobe Illustrator program as your first starting place, but you are eager to find out more about this program before you jump into some certification program that you don’t know anything about? If you were able to answer a solid yes to each of these questions, then you will definitely want to continue reading below so that you can learn what you need to know about this certification program and what it may be able to do for you and your career path.

First of all, it is important to understand that under the umbrella of Adobe programs, there are many areas that you would be able to become certified in. Furthermore, once you have made your mind up to pursue the Adobe Illustrator program there are several different levels of certification that you will need to decide between. For instance, you could choose to pursue the Adobe Illustrator CS4 program, which will teach you about how to create vector graphics and how to subsequently edit the vector graphics. Keep in mind, this will also include teaching you how to prepare a graphic for print, the Flash platform, as well as the Web. It is important to note that you will want to begin by familiarizing yourself with the available study materials, which are provided online. Once you are comfortable with your knowledge of the supplied information regarding Adobe Illustrator you will want to sit for the examination. Please note, until you earn a passing score on the examination you will not be considered certified in this area. The examination for this particular branch of Adobe Illustrator will consist of approximately 65 questions; you must score a minimum of 65% to pass the examination. While the Adobe Illustrator CS5’s training components are very similar to that of the Adobe Illustrator CS4 program, the examination components are somewhat different. For example, the examination for Adobe Illustrator CS5 will contain approximately 70 questions. In addition, you must also score a minimum of 72% on this examination in order to become fully certified in this area. It is important to note that all of the resources that you will need to use to prepare for the examinations, along with sample examinations are available online at Adobe’s website. One last perk that Adobe offers to potentially interested individuals is that each of the resources and the examinations are offered in many different languages.

By becoming certified in Adobe Illustrator you will be amping up your resume with an additional training and certification, while also fine tuning some desirable work traits. For instance, the Adobe Illustrator training is particularly geared towards helping individuals become better problem solvers and teach them how to identify new opportunities for growth that present themselves to a company. With Adobe Illustrator training under your belt, you are almost guaranteed to be more successful and more prepared for practically anything that comes your way! It is also important to note that the Adobe training modules are designed to teach individuals through the use of hands-on learning experiences and exercises. In addition, by completing the Adobe Illustrator training course and examination, some of the information that you will need to be familiar with for other Adobe training areas will have already been addressed. Therefore, further Adobe trainings will be that much easier for individuals to complete. In order to complete the Adobe Illustrator training you will be able to choose the type of training module that best suits your learning style or needs. For instance, you could choose to complete your training through a classroom format that would be led by an instructor, through a series of on demand video segments (known as the Adobe Acrobat Connect) that teach you the pertinent information, at a regional training facility, or possibly even at the company that you work for. Any further questions that you may have regarding your certification in Adobe Illustrator can likely be addressed through the frequently asked questions section on the Adobe website. Lastly, it is important to note that it may be very beneficial to your success in this training program for you to have significant experience within the technological industry.