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It is a little known fact that public relations can be traced back to Sigmund Freud. Well, actually, it traces back to his nephew, Edward Bernays, also known as the “Father of Spin. Who convinced Americans that Bacon and Eggs was the traditional American Breakfast? Edward Bernays. Neat trick, huh? Well that is the power of Public Relations. Regardless of your view of “Spin” and Public Relations, it is one of the more challenging and scientific fields associated with Sales, Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing. This esoteric and complex field combines all of the previously mentioned areas together to employ as tools creating ideas and opinions. The father of public relations, Edward Bernays termed the phrase "...the science of Manufactured Consent.” This is a powerful field.

The first thing to consider is that there are serious educational requirements for entry into this field. In general terms, a bachelor’s degree in public relations is the minimum requirement to gain entry to the profession. You are well advised to pursue an education in the specific field you are tracking toward. For example if you are hoping for a career in the political arena then you should plan for at least one to two years of college in political science. Ideally, you would pursue an general degree in the field your interested in dual to your public relations degree. Yes, two degrees. You cannot expect to be successful in managing the public affairs of a political candidate with little formal education in the field of politics. Moreover, you will have a hard time "breaking in." Get started with a public relations training course today from any of the below schools. Your career will begin with employment in a public relations firm, corporation or a governmental agency. The natural career course will take you either to the public relations firm or to your own consultancy.

According to online research regarding salary for this occupation, you would have the potential to earn approximately $71,506 per year for your work. However, research also shows that it is more common for individuals to earn a median salary of about $54,852 for the work of music producers. It is important to note that a large portion of what your salary is will depend upon the success of your clients with their musical endeavors.

Demand in employment is expected to grow 24% over the next ten years, much faster then all other occupations. As globalization adds new dimensions to competition, the demand for skilled professionals in this field increases. The effect of the internet on this profession is dramatic. Until the emergence of the internet, most PR work involved media, television, radio and public appearances. The recent rise of "social media" and "social network” alone is transforming the industry and the future is an open book. A completely new science of opinion gathering, advertising and communications is being built and the professionals that will dominate this new landscape are being educated now. Having a firm grasp of the internet and its potential is not an advantage it’s a demand. There is a new subset of the field called SEO, or "Search Engine Optimization," that is fast becoming one of the most in-demand services in business today. This is just one example of the impact that the internet is having on this historical profession. In the new century, who will it be creating the campaign that changes the mind of the human race on (what?)? Will it be you?