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Bachelor's Degree in Communication

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Throughout history, society has always valued a good storyteller. Today those storytellers are authors, journalists, editors, and other professionals in the media industry. It is important to know how to articulate yourself to other people, and to the masses. If you have a message or a voice that you are dying to have heard, a Communications and Journalism bachelor's degree can help you reach a career in media that will give you the outlet you need. There are many media related career paths that a bachelor's degree in Communications and Journalism can start for you. Those who have completed this degree work within advertising, marketing, politics, public relations, entertainment, and many other fields. Companies across every industry need the help of communications specialists. Whether it be their public relations specialist, or another communications educated staff member, most companies have a talented spokesperson who is able to represent them positively and clearly. The health industry has a large need for talented communications specialists to provide valuable health information to the public.

Especially with the help of the Internet, communication outlets are vastly expanding. People have grown to expect instant access to news stories. When severe weather is approaching, when a large event is taking place, or when a popular sports game is under way, people want their news outlets to provide minute-to-minute updates. Before the last buzzer sounds at a sporting event, there are already numerous highlight reels of the game available. Journalists must have the best training and education to produce quality information as quickly as possible.

Yes, the face of Journalism is drastically changing, but that does not mean there are not plenty of employment opportunities for talented writers. While print journalism is shrinking a bit, there is a great demand for talented broadcast journalist, and an even larger demand for journalists with a talent for online publication. By completing a Communications and Journalism degree today, you would become well versed in the computer technology used by the top web publishers.

While completing your journalism studies, you would develop valuable skills such as critical thinking, technology, writing, researching, editing, investigative journalism, political communication, and photography. Journalists are trained to be able to accurately and honestly report on all types of news and information. There are many different creative avenues to bring your messages and stories to the public. You could become a hard-hitting reporter, uncovering shocking truths and revelations, or you could become a photojournalist and tell your stories using fascinating pictures. With the proper training and education, you can pursue any of these rewarding careers depending on what your passions are. Yes, the way people are seeking information is changing, but the amount of information people want is increasing. This demand for information is causing a great need for talented writers and journalists. With a bachelor's degree in Communications and Journalism you can be the one to deliver that information to the people. You can become a political journalist, a documentarian, a photojournalist, an author, or the head of public relations for a global business. There is truly no end to the places that a Communications and Journalism degree can take you. Find the perfect communications schools below to get started with your new career training.


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