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Have you always been intrigued by news anchors and reporters? Do you sit in the comfort of your home and think how you would love to be doing that job? If you said yes to these questions, then you should consider pursuing a career in journalism. As a journalist you will likely be responsible for researching many different types of news stories through interviews, online resources, use of the library, and observations. After completing your research, you will need to deliver your story with an appropriate tone for an appropriate audience. It is common for individuals who want to work as a journalist to obtain a bachelor’s degree in this field. Although employment is declining in some areas of journalism, technological advances are allowing new areas of journalism to be created and to increase specific employment opportunities. In addition, by obtaining a higher educational degree you will have further employment opportunities in most any area of journalism.

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Although you will be able to seek employment in the world of journalism with just a bachelor’s degree, by obtaining your master’s degree your employment opportunities will greatly increase. Should you decide to pursue a Master of Arts degree in broadcast journalism, you will be required to complete courses such as television news writing, audio production, and television magazine production. However, if you pursue a Master of Arts in Science and Technology Journalism you will be taking classes related to science policy, biomedical reporting, and other areas of technological and scientific specialization. There is also the possibility of pursuing a Master of Arts in Business Journalism.

This degree program is typically combined with some sort of business degree for a dual certification. Should you decide this degree program is the one for you, then you will be taking classes related to global economy, investigative reporting, press ethics, financial accounting and reporting, and you will be required to complete an internship. It would also be feasible for you to choose a Master of Arts in Digital Media Journalism. In today’s technologically focused society, this is sure to be a great choice; you will learn how to effectively blend photos, video, text, and audio in order to tell news stories. Keep in mind, these degree programs will have additional requirements that you must complete. Take a moment and look over any of the schools on our site that appeal to you. Any of them will be glad to send you a free information packet detailing what they can offer you. Although most of your job opportunities will be in the capacity of a journalist, there are definitely many variations of employment you can pursue. Your educational degree will help to direct you into a specific employment direction. Research the journalism colleges below to find the best fit for your career training.


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