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A communications degree will lead the communications student down the right starter path for a future career in high profile fields such as journalism, media, telecommunications and public relations, among other communication based careers requiring specialized training with interpersonal communication skills, along with other highly specialized communication based skills. This particular degree offers teachings that will allow the student to learn a n overview of such general subjects as mathematics, humanities, communication arts, life sciences and social sciences, among other elective general studies courses the student may pick from. When the student finishes and finally earns his degree, he will have gained all the basic foundational skills he will need to enter a career in a specialized communications area.

Because a certificate program typically is taken first an AA degre is considred a stepping stone degree, it also offers specialized courses such as mass communications, interpersonal communications, problem solving information strategies and presentations that are news based for the web and print publications. The degree also emphasizes courses in the technology area offering courses such as Management information systems, imaging editing and processing and information strategies. These are great classes to introduce the student to the various forms of image manipulation. These classes will come in handy if the student decides to pursue a career in journalism. This well-rounded course of study will serve the student well in learning the specialized communication skills. These skills will also allow the student to advance in specialized public and work environments.


Communications Program Levels