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Wedding Planning Certificate Programs

How to Become a Wedding Planner

Are you a romantic? Did you make a bridal veil out of a bath towel when you were five? Love watching wedding reality shows? Did you enjoy planning your own (or your future) wedding? Can you stay calm under pressure, work well with difficult people, plan the ultimate party, and wear a dozen hats: mom, best friend, stylist, decorator, manager? Then you have a bright future as a wedding consultant! Are you still in high school? Use this time to build a foundation for your career. English classes help you develop communications skills, as well as acquaint you with romantic literature. Art and sewing classes train your eye for design and style. Business and computer classes build skills you’ll need to be profitably self-employed. Hone your people skills in an after school job. School theatre productions or performances will give you practice working with others to pull off a successful event. If you’re beginning a new career, management abilities, combined with any wedding experience you may have, will provide a good background as you begin your studies.

Choosing the Right Wedding Planning Program

Every year, over two million American couples walk down the aisle. The work and money going into the elaborate modern wedding can overwhelm many brides, increasing the demand for wedding planners. Because of this demand, you’ll find many bridal consultant training and certification programs from which to choose. Examine their offerings closely. Do they include classes on alternative, ethnic, and multi-cultural weddings? Do they teach you how to manage and promote your business? Do they address legal and ethical concerns? Some may be accredited, by either the American Academy of Wedding Professionals, or the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants. Either of these organizations will add to your credentials. If you’re attending a traditional college, choose one with experienced faculty, one which will give you the skills to build your business, and which offers classes that fit your job or family schedule.

What to Expect as a Consultant

If you’re attending a traditional school, you’ll be required to take some general studies classes. Your professional training will include business courses, such as marketing, accounting, and computer skills, to help you learn how to establish, promote, and grow your business. Your consulting classes will include such offerings as: wedding budgeting, videography basics, invitation selection and design, reception planning, transportation, etiquette, floral design, wedding customs, and catering. After you go to wedding planning school and receive your degreee or certification, you’ll be able to build your own bridal consulting business. You’ll find your days full. One morning, you’ll be designing advertising, then rushing off to help a bride select bridesmaids gowns. That afternoon, you’ll help another couple select music for the ceremony, hire a DJ for the reception, and figure out where to seat divorced parents. In the evening, you’ll organize a rehearsal, put the finishing touches on bouquets, and make sure the catering order is accurate after you calm a nervous bride. With your creativity and hard work, the next day will be a beautiful celebration of love and just another day in the exciting world of bridal consulting.


Wedding Planning Program Levels