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Associate's Degree in Wedding Planning

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From blushing brides to bridezillas dressed in ruffles, satin and lace for that big day, all brides are armed with bouquets and their wedding consultants. Like a production from the simplest of ceremonies to a multi-million dollar extravaganza, brides need a director and that director can be you as their bridal consultant. Go ahead and find the perfect bridal consulting courses today. Not just anyone can jump in and make a wedding perfect and handle the stress of a demanding bride, but you can be one of these rare souls by taking bridal consulting courses. Wedding consulting courses will give you the knowledge and skill to help your brides from choosing colors to the last dance of her reception. This is a very exciting field of study and work as you have seen on Cable TV and Movies like My Fair Wedding, Platinum Weddings, Let Them Eat Cake and The Wedding Planner. These shows feature brides working with their Bridal Consultants in planning for the big day. They are great examples of what a wedding consulting is about and some of what courses will teach you.

So How Do I Find Bridal Consulting School?

One of the easiest ways to find bridal consulting courses is by looking below at all of the online schools we have listed that offer classes. The length of time and depth of study often depends on what you want to focus on. Will it be a particular part of the wedding like the dresses, or a planning and executing the entire wedding and reception? This is what you want to know before you start looking for bridal consulting courses. Many colleges offer degrees from A.A.s to PHDs although when looking for degrees you will not find a “Wedding Consultant Degree”; you will instead find degrees with course studies in bridal consulting as part of a larger whole, such as event planning, small business management or marketing. (These are all good skills to have in any event). The other alternative is getting certification as a professional bridal consultant. These courses can be found by looking online for colleges and schools which specialize in this course study.

What Will I Learn When Taking Bridal Consulting Classes?

This truly is an in-depth field; it's not just picking flowers the dress or reception hall, it is much more and by learning these skills you will face challenges with ease. Courses can include:

  • Wedding budget creation
  • Client relations from the initial call to meeting and planning the wedding
  • Costs and estimations for wedding services
  • Wedding day timelines
  • Rentals and decorations
  • Invitation etiquette
  • Floor plans and seating charts
  • Mixed faith weddings

As you can see, there is a lot of preparation and behind the scene activities that help to create the perfect day for your brides. But with the proper training, you will be able to juggle a busy schedule and meet every challenge with confidence a confidence you will share with your frazzled bride that her day will be perfect in your hands. Catch the bouquet for a rewarding career by staring bridal consulting courses today!


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