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Don’t you just love doing your taxes? Well some do, and if you are fascinated by the rules and how they work, and the satisfaction of saving someone lots of their hard-earned money then you might want to seek a career as a Tax Preparer. This is a certification program. While there are degree programs, they focus mainly on working toward a full accounting degree or a CPA. The requirements for a certification vary from school to school, but on average will involve six months to one year of training and sitting for a certification exam. The prerequisites are a high school diploma, and that you are 16 years of age or older. It is one of the most accessible career paths available. Many professional tax preparation firms will offer to train qualified candidates as the tax season approaches. The education you will be receiving will also serve you in the future if you should choose to pursue a higher degree in accounting, or another business related field.

The future of the Tax Preparation industry is a mixed bag. On one hand, the increasing availability of online services seems to be reducing the demand for trained preparers. However, for the same reason many individual that come to the online sites will find that they need to consult with a professional. There are also the beginnings of actual online preparation services. Virtual technology is going to eliminate the need to drive to the office to sit down with you making your job easier. Job growth is expected to keep pace with the economy. The industry will as well. But as with many professions the radical changes taking place in the economy and our world offer possibilities for future growth. One thing is certain, Taxes. If you are looking for an online tax preparation course then look no further. We have listed the top schools you'll find online to get the training you need in the comfort of your own home.


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