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Most employees in clothing, accessory, and general merchandise stores work under clean, well-lighted conditions. Many jobs are part time; with the most employees working during peak selling times, including nights, weekends, and holidays. Because weekends are busy days in retailing, almost all employees work at least one of these days and have a weekday off. During busy periods, such as holidays and the back-to-school season, longer than normal hours may be scheduled, and vacation time is limited for most workers, including buyers and managers. Retail salespersons and cashiers often stand for long periods, and stock clerks may perform strenuous tasks, such as moving heavy, cumbersome boxes. Sales representatives and buyers often travel to visit clients and may be away from home for several days or weeks at a time. Those who work for large manufacturers and retailers may travel outside of the country.

Merchandise managers are in charge of a group of buyers and department managers; they plan and supervise the purchase and marketing of merchandise in a broad area, such as women’s apparel or appliances. In department store chains, with numerous stores, many of the buying and merchandising functions are centralized in one location. Some local managers might decide which merchandise, among that bought centrally, would be best for their own stores. Department store managers direct and coordinate the activities in these stores. They may set pricing policies to maintain profitability and notify senior management of concerns or problems. Department store managers usually directly supervise department managers and indirectly oversee other department store workers. Clothing and accessory store managers often the only managers in smaller stores combine many of the duties of department managers, department store managers, and buyers. Retail chain store area managers or district managers oversee the activities of clothing and accessory store managers in an area. They hire managers, ensure that company policies are carried out, and coordinate sales and promotional activities. Find retail management schools here along with career information and advice. Get started with the proper career training necessary to get a new job in the tough economy. You can also get an online associates degree in retail management and get that edge you need when finding a job. Many employers look at applications only if they have a bachelor’s degree.


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