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Do you want to spend your time marketing products or services for a particular company? Do you have a knack for identifying the positive points of a specific item? By obtaining your degree in marketing you will be sure to have an exciting career that will open many doors for you; whether it be in the world of marketing, advertising, analysis, or business. In addition, should you choose an area of concentration you will be able to work within a more focused area of marketing and you will also complete more focused coursework relative to your area of concentration. Your degree will allow you to work to identify the trends of the market place, to predict and forecast sales and to determine appropriate pricing and distribution of products.

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By obtaining your master’s degree in business administration in marketing or your Master of Science degree in marketing you will be adequately prepared to enter the work force in a marketing capacity. Your degree program will be designed to teach you about many different areas of business, global markets, and brand strategies. In addition to your coursework, you should also expect to be required to complete an internship. This will give you the chance to apply what you have been learning in the classroom under the direct supervision of a mentor. Within your coursework you will also have the option to choose an area of concentration, such as computational marketing, service marketing, or brand management. Once you have elected an area of concentration you will choose elective courses to receive training in this area.

You can expect to be required to complete courses such as marketing analysis, marketing research, strategic marketing, customer management, and marketing communications. Keep in mind, should you choose to work towards your MBA degree with a concentration in marketing, you must first complete your bachelor’s degree program in an area like accounting, management, or statistics. You will also have to earn a satisfactory score on the GRE or the GMAT examination. Take a few minutes and look over any of the schools on the site that interest you; any of them would be glad to send you a free information packet to detail what they have to offer you in your educational pursuits.

As a marketing degree holder you will be able to seek employment as a marketing manager, a market research consultant, or a market research analyst. It would also be possible for you to become employed in the advertising sector, as a wholesale sales representative, as a loan officer, or as a marketing manager.

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