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An master's degree in marketing, any MBA is highly valued and coveted in the career world. However, not everyone has the opportunity to follow this course. In the field of marketing, this is not always necessary. Marketing, while demanding and dynamic is not a legally or licensed profession. It is, in a word, an art form. Crafting a campaign to successfully promote a product, service or company is a function of the experience and skill of the marketer. Many if not most individuals in the marketing field start out as salespersons. The assumption, and a correct one, is that if you can't sell you can't master marketing either. Studying for and achieving a marketing degree is a value unto itself and this is no less true in the field of marketing but the only thing you really need to gain entry to this profession is skill and the ability to sell. With that, you can pursue a certificate program that will certify you as having proven your knowledge of the basic principles of marketing and combined with your track record begin your career.

These are highly available certificate programs and you will find them offered on the internet as well as in traditional schools. The requirements are generally the completion of 2 semesters of study, or a self-study program, verification of employment in the field and the payment of the fees or tuition required. This process is open to anyone with the desire and skill. It can be as simple as seeking entry-level employment in the sales field and once you have sufficient time at your job applying for a certification program. You are then ready to begin your career in marketing management.

Master's Marketing Programs

The future prospects for employment are good. Even considering the current economic climate this field is growth oriented. The demand for future employment will pace the national average and surpass it in some sectors. There are some differences to consider. Companies are always on the look out for talent, especially in the sales and marketing arena. You are the primary driver of income. There will be strong interest in someone who is a self-starter, who has several years of experience and the certification to prove their knowledge. An MBA is no guarantee of talent, only education and you will have both having avoided the cost of one and having gained the other in the real world. There is, and always will be a strong attraction toward those with these qualifications. Is an MBA preferable? Yes, however, if your just starting out and aren't sure of your career path yet this is a chance to get the best of both worlds with the option to move in any direction you might choose later.


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