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Master's in Human Resources Online

Online Master's Degree in Human Resource Management

You only need to open a newspaper or look at jobs online to realize that the field of Human Resources is a huge and important field of endeavor. Every business is motivated to attract and retain good employees. This makes this a vital part of any industry or business. A Master's degree is generally a minimum requirement to pursue a career in this important field. Applicants must provide ACT or SAT scores and HS transcripts. Although there are no specific courses which may better prepare an applicant to major in Human Resources, classes within a standard 4-year program may include:

  • Benefits and compensation
  • Business ethics
  • Communication strategies
  • Community organization
  • Interviewing tactics
  • Leadership skills
  • Management principles

At many institutions, a Master's degree programs is reserved until the graduate degree level. Prior to that, you will have the opportunity to study HR administration, organization development, compensation and benefits and other subjects that will track you toward this valuable degree. Communication is also a very important part of the field and is a focus of the education you receive. Behavioral science, social science and other, related disciplines are very useful. You will also have the opportunity to track toward one of several specialties within this extensive degree field. Once you have successfully completed your human resource management training and degree requirements you will also be qualified to enter most business related masters programs. While there is a specific industry sector for HR, the growth of the economy is the primary driver of this position. Competition for new talent and the need for new employee's in most businesses is perennial and this means growth. There are an increasing number of HR outsourcing firms that will manage the Human Resources management sector of other companies, and of course of professional recruiting firms. In addition, the growth of the temporary employment field, which has been very strong, is creating loads of new opportunities. This field is one that will always be in demand, and your career will reflect this.


Human Resource Management Program Levels