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Hospitality Management Associate Degree Online

Associate of Applied Science in Hotal, Restaurant Management

The hospitality industry is the largest industry in the world from the high school student serving food at a concession stand to the concierge at a five-star hotel. This industry is the primary source of income for many countries. Although it can include everything from the housecleaner to a CEO, those who are working to obtain an associates or bachelor’s degree with a concentration in Hospitality Management degree will be working in upper level management within the hospitality industry. In general, this industry is divided into tourism, travel and hospitality. If you are a student with a natural concern to help others enjoy their vacation time or make business travel as stress free as possible you will succeed in your career. The courses will provide a student with the knowledge and skills in food and beverage operations management, facilities management, lodging management and events and recreation planning.

Hotel Management Education Programs

Students working towards this degree will examine the issues and trends of hospitality, operational structures and e-business applications. Although this degree many not be required for all management positions in this industry, not finishing a Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Hospitality Management degree, a student will miss potential opportunities. This is because having to work your way up the ladder takes much longer than working for a degree. A student can only benefit from obtaining this degree and they will advance much faster and have more opportunities opening to them. Having a degree in hospitality management degree will offer many opportunities for someone to make a comfortable living. Someone with this college background will be prepared for any broad range of managerial roles across this industry from management in casinos, clubs, food and beverages to management in lodging, tourism, convention and events. As students learn the principles of hospitality management, learning about convention and meeting planning, travel and tourism, etc., this is preparing them for future careers. Hotel managers for example, would be responsible for making their customers “feel” as if they were at home. You will be responsible for overseeing front end and back end operations. In addition to a hotel manager’s salary, bonuses are usually given.

Those students who focus on a career in event planning can work as a special events coordinator, meeting planners, party planners and such will be prepared for organizing and planning events. Individuals in this field should be very organized because they will be in charge of every aspect in the planning such as the date, location, agenda, catering, guests, etc. This job is for those who are content with working unusual hours. There is no sitting in a cubicle for eight hours a day. This is an industry where individuals should be able to handle working under pressure. Securing your future by obtaining your associates degree with a concentration in Hospitality Management is in your best interest. Employers know the importance of a college education, when they see this degree on a resume, they know that those individuals worked hard to earn their degree and that potentially shows their dedication working at a company. Having this degree will open up doors of many opportunities ahead.


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