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Bachelors Degree in Financial Planning

Financial Planning Colleges

A Bachelor of Applied Science with a concentration of Finance is the next step when traveling from an associate’s degree to a master’s or a doctorate in any of the business areas. If you have received a degree in Accounting, Fundamentals of Business, Financial Services, Business Administration, among others, this degree, or any BS degree, is the logical net step to get yourself further along in your career in the business world. This will usually take two years, as when you already have an associate’s degree, you are considered to be taking “Advance Start” classes for the bachelor degree. Even if you do not yet have a degree at all, or if you have decided to switch majors or switch direction in general, you can start from the beginning, making this degree a four-year course. This particular course, being as the concentration is in Finance, is made up of all the classes needed which teach the necessary skills of finance in a real world, real time environment. The coursework presented to the student forces them to look at different financial situations in different, sometimes “out of the box,” ways. Some of the areas in which the student will learn new skills are Investing, Economics, Advanced Skills & Concepts, Business Management & Administration, among others. Using the advanced theories and practices to promote mission critical decision making, these courses will allow the students who complete them have a better handle on the decision-making, risk taking and management decisions, mergers & acquisitions, and corporate restructuring needed.

There are also elective financial courses a student may take. The point of these advanced courses is to teach advanced skills to use in a real work place setting and will allow for the use of the critical thinking and decision making learned in the first two years in the Associate Degree classes. Some of the required and recommended courses for the concentration in Finance are Management theory, Practice and Application, Organizational Behavior, Marketing, business Law and Global Finance and many others. Learning these new skills will allow the student advance their careers. Business managers have the need for these mission critical skills in the many different financial areas and a Bachelor’s degree will show they have obtained the skills necessary to advance and be successful. There is a demanding need for more educated Business Managers of Finance, as the country’s economic system it would lead one to thing the people running the country did not have the skills necessary to do so. So what are you waiting for.


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