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How to Become a Financial Planner

Online Financial Advisor/Planner Associates Degree

You might get the idea that becoming a financial planner takes years of college just to get started. Well, for the most part you would be right. However, you should also keep in mind that in reality what you will be doing is financial products sales. So could you just start selling? Actually, yes you can. First, you will need to get educated on the subject and there are plenty of online educational options available to you to start the process. There are some requirements that you will need to meet and these will depend on the types of products that you will sell. You may need to obtain licenses for stock sales, bond sales or insurance. These are the series 6, series 7, and series 63 licenses and in order to take the exams you will need to be sponsored by a member firm or other organization. With the growth projected for this industry in general predicted to be in the range of 30% over the next ten years. There are opportunities to be had. The question is can you find a path to a fast start?

Beginning with insurance, yes you can. The first step is to plan your education and training. The point here is to set a long-term goal and then, while on the road to that goal being able to gain experience and additional skill sets. There are companies that will offer the opportunity to those who are pursuing a formal education in the field to begin selling various financial products, like insurance while earning the CFP license (Certified Financial Planner). Over the next four years, you will learn the business in the real world as well as earn a little bit of money. Presumably, you will also be gaining your needed education, online being the preferred choice, toward your final qualifications. This "stepped" or "staged" approach is often the path taken by mid-career professionals. However, for those just starting out it is an important opportunity. This allows you to learn and earn while building your resume. The key to this path is the online education. Unless your profession demands physical classroom time, you will always be in a better situation if you can control your time. You should start out by investigating and planning your strategy. Decide the path you want to take and begin a dialog with the online resources you need to achieve your goal. All it takes is the internet and a little planning.


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