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Certificate Program in Finance

Certificate in Financial Management

Certification programs are all the rage. Why is simple, there are an increasing number of people that, while they qualify for a given profession do not have the traditional education requirements for the career. With demand being what it has, certification programs allow individuals with other, unrelated educational backgrounds and practical work experience to "cross-over" into a new career. This is beneficial not only for you, but for the industry at large as it is always better to hire someone who is qualified and has real world experience. The field of Finance, traditionally the domain of the MBA-finance, is now open to those with the desire to excel and the personal qualifications to do so but not the formal education background. Welcome to the CFA, or the Chartered Financial Analyst industry. Through this program, an individual with a bachelor’s degree and several years of professional experience can pursue certification in the finance field in a short time and fast track through the program.

To begin to consider this path you will need a bachelor’s degree and 3 years practical experience in the finance field. For example; you completed college with a degree in journalism and found yourself working as a stockbroker as you had sat for the series 7 or 13 licenses during college. After 3 years, you decide that you wish to pursue a career as a CFA. You only need to take the three exams involved and sit for the exams and your done. If you don't feel confident that you’re ready don't worry. The coursework that is recommended for the exams is about 300 hours of study and you can study online in your spare time. In as little as a year you will be starting your new career. Almost any degree qualifies, as does any full-time practical work experience in the field of finance or any related profession. Once you’re settled into your new career you will be able to pursue all the advancement right up to a CFC (Chartered Financial Consultant). Start your research today for a finance school

As to your career prospects you will find that you are not trailing the pack. Your salary prospect will be the same as those who are fresh from the ivy halls. You may have several advantages that set you apart. Your degree may be in a field that is suited to the company you are applying to. Additionally, you may have practical experience that gives you a leg up. The future employment growth for the financial sector in general and the financial planning industry is off the charts at 30% and up. Having an edge in employability is a significant advantage. Find a top finance school today and get started on your degree. So those long hours in the boiler room cold calling could end up being your best asset. This "cross-over" phenomenon is not short term. This is the pattern to expect for the future. With the increasing pace of change in society, wholesale shifts in professions, industries and personal life patterns allowing individuals the choice to change careers in mid-stream is common sense. Providing them the path to do so without having to start at square zero is practical and smart.