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Bachelor's Degree in Finance

Top Online Finance Degrees

Earning an online Finance degree has many benefits. In the current competitive job market, a Finance degree from an accredited school will improve your chances of finding employment. Many employers view the candidate who has a Finance degree more favorably than one without. Having a good education is evidence that you have the knowledge and skills required for the position.Choosing the Finance degree to pursue will be determined by your current educational level or status. You also need to consider your future goals in the field. A Finance degree to enhance your career requires you to have at least a Bachelor Degree. This gives you solid financial knowledge. Most finance jobs call for complex analysis, detail and reasoning in numerical details. Today, finance jobs will also require technical skills.

Bachelor Degree in Finance. This is the undergraduate financial degree that is considered basic. This degree gives the student skills and in-depth financial knowledge that is very specific. The degree course is usually a four year program. Masters in Finance or MBA. These are graduate programs, and the most popular one is the MBA with emphasis in Finance. The Master of Finance degree is targeted at people who want to focus on the financial aspects of business. PhD in Finance is a Doctoral degree, taken by those interested in pursuing Finance as an academic discipline. The program is focused on financial concepts and methods, rather than practical skills required in the work place. Those who earn a PhD often go into research or academia.

Finance positions can be found in virtually any business or industry. Those who have studied Finance are strategically placed to benefit from the economic recovery and the new business climate. As businesses grow and companies begin to experience an increase in their profits, the need for financial professionals will increase. The economic crisis has made people aware of the benefits of having qualified financial professionals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth is expected to increase by over ten percent in the next decade. Having a Finance Degree will make the candidates more attractive to employers. The professionals can choose to work in organizations, or they can choose to offer one-on-one financial services to clients. Online Education has become widely accepted in all education sectors. Earning a Finance Degree online offers many benefits to the individual. Those who cannot go to school full-time have the opportunity to earn their degrees at their own pace. This is especially beneficial for those who are working full-time, or those who are full time parents bringing up young children. Online education allows for flexibility as the student is able to work with a schedule that is convenient for them. Those considering a career change can benefit from online degree programs, which they can pursue as they continue in their current jobs. Most employers today do not distinguish between candidates who earn their degrees online and those who do it the traditional way. It is important, however, to ensure that the online school is accredited. Some of the best schools in the country offer online programs.

Some of the jobs available for people with a Finance Degree include:

  • Auditors
  • Financial Analysts
  • Personal Financial Advisors
  • Loan officers
  • Buyers
  • Budget Analysts
  • Treasurers

While most companies will readily employ people with a Bachelor Degree in Finance, having an advanced degree is a distinct advantage. There are some employers who require the more advanced degree depending on the job requirements. Having the degree from a reputable institution is also preferred by most employers. Research below to find all schools that offer online finance degrees.