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Finance Degree Program Online

Associate Degree in Finance Online

This is without a doubt, considered the gold standard of business education. The recognized around the world, the MBA is the entryway to any serious career in the business world. MBA stands for “Masters of Business Administration” This particular track is one of the most advanced degree specialties. You will start out with Topics such as marketing, economics, finance, accounting, sociology, taxation, business law, marketing, and public relations. You will also be studying finance, accounting, math, and economics as well. This is a six-year degree and you will have the opportunity to focus as you progress into the more advanced levels. You first however need to start by reading our degree guide on how to receive your Associate degree in finance. As you progress through your studies, you will earn the Associates Degree and then a Bachelor’s Degree. There are Doctoral programs available as well. Increasingly, colleges and universities are offering certificates, bachelors and masters degrees in financial planning. Financial analysts qualify for a CFA designation if they have a bachelor's, three years’ experience and pass three exams. PFA (Personal Financial Analyst) may seek CFP (R) (Certified Financial Planner) certification and ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant). These are some of the most demanding educational paths available.

Due to the highly specialized nature of this field of study, you will find that there are great deals of separate industries that focus on this area. Financial Analysis and Management being one of the primary ones you will encounter. This is the reason for the strong growth projected in hiring. These services are in increasing demand and more and more individuals take their retirement accounts into their own hands. Outsourced accounting is another field that is growing to meet the increasing demand for competent financial management for small and mid-sized business that elect not to hire an in-house expert. A great number of companies are a part of this growing field and this will continue as long as money grows with the economy. Globalization offers additional growth due to the need for experts in international finance.