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There is more to money than the bling of modern days. For the same reason, there is more to being an entrepreneur than just making money. Success is still the goal, however. Consider one well-known contemporary social entrepreneur, Muhammad Yunus who is the founder and manager of Grameen Bank and its growing family of social venture businesses and was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 2006. The Grameen Bank makes micro-loans. These are very small business loans to individuals to allow them to start a small, home based business. Start here by looking for a top entrepreneur program in your area. The success rate for these loans is higher than for any other type. That is success, and yes, the Grameen bank does so rather well. Imagine helping to make the world a better place and being paid for it, which is the nature of the Social Entrepreneur. While sometimes, the effort is to establish a non-profit organization, other times, as in the Grameen bank, there is profit involved and the world is helped.

According to experts in the field, an entrepreneur is a person who organizes, manages and assumes the risks of running a business or enterprise. There are four general categories of entrepreneur. They are: corporate, social, public and independent. A corporate entrepreneur is one who specializes in developing new products or services for a company, often as an employee. There are those who will create the proposed product or service and target it to a potential list of companies as well. The social entrepreneur is, as indicated above, an individual that focuses on developing non-profit operations to improve society, products or services that advance a socially beneficial cause. The public entrepreneur works in or with governments to improve their systems, services or public operations. While less well known, it is just as important as in the case of a series of improvements to the New York public housing system.

The "sexiest' and best known is the independent entrepreneur. The independent entrepreneur is the individual taking control or starting a company, then builds it up in terms of revenue, market penetration or overall valuation and sells it. The entrepreneur may hold the company for a given period, profiting from its operations while improving its value for sale or may sell part interest in the firm to recoup their original investment while continuing to derive profit from on-going operations. This is the hardest to break into as it involves possessing the capital to fund the operation until profit is available. This is the reason for the focus, the risks are great but the potential rewards are greater. No matter what path you pick you will need to start your education now, and here in the 21st century the internet makes that easy.


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