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Online E-commerce Degree

E-commerce Associate's Degrees

It was only 10 years ago that E-commerce first began to enter the public mind. Now it’s the engine that is driving growth on the internet and the economy itself. No other business model offers the opportunity to extend a company’s potential market as does the ability to allow customers to conduct business from anywhere in the world, at their convenience, and securely. The Associates of Science (AS) in E-Commerce degree program transforms you into an Internet business authority, providing the basics of accounting, e-commerce, and business management. Students of the E-Commerce AS program gain expert knowledge on web traffic, analysis of user characteristics, and security. Career training in the E-Commerce field will involve computer technology and operations, web technology and more.

This is a very new an intense field. More and more universities are offering degree programs in this lucrative and important field. As with any degree-level program, you can pursue an Associates Degree and then advance to a Associates Degree. On the other hand, you could study the field as part of a larger degree program. These degree programs provide emphasized instruction in computer literacy, E-Commerce web development, HTML and internet marketing. Associates in E-Commerce analyze marketing strategies and E-Commerce websites. E-Commerce graduates apply business plans with IT strategies to the virtual world. This career program also covers online privacy and security issues related to e-commerce, legal aspects of online business, uniform commercial code, privacy statements and the Fair Use Act. As a result of the importance of this field, there is extensive legal involvement as well and E-Commerce law is rapidly becoming one of the most important aspects of business law and regulation. As with any degree program you will need a HS diploma and there will be the normal required coursework associated with any college degree program. Some of the specialized fields you may study are:

  • Computer Science
  • E-Commerce Law
  • Uniform Commercial Code
  • Online Accounting
  • E-Commerce Privacy and Security
  • Digital security systems

As demand rises for e-commerce specialists, salaries climb. Conventional businesses are seeking more career dedicated employees with an Associates Degree in E-Commerce to integrate e-commerce into their current operations. And there are a growing number of companies that specialize in providing out-sourced E-commerce services to the business community. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics also expects all IT career positions, including e-commerce, to increase by 40%. Whether it’s a career position in the sales and business sector, the IT sector or the consulting field, you will find that your services are hotly demanded and that your prospects growing for some time to come.


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