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Business Administration Masters Degree (MBA)

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A Master's degree in business administration will almost guarantee a graduate with a bachelor’s degree to land gainful employment. This field of study will prepare students for a wide range of possible positions in a business driven world. If you have a knack for all things business related, both behind the scenes and front and center, then an educational path that utilizes this talent is sure to be a wise choice. As you begin working on your coursework to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business administration, you will want to absorb the valuable information presented in all courses. Although the information you receive in your psychology and human resources classes may not seem pertinent at the time, they will both greatly influence your success as a business administrator. This two year, 60 hour course of study will work to train you in commerce and business administration. Some post-secondary schools will require their prospective business administration graduates to complete summer work or internships before obtaining a diploma.

Your course work will help you to understand the inner workings of a company and the functions of the many different areas a company may contain. While completing core course work, students will also begin developing their decision making abilities as they relate to business ventures, their managerial skills set, and their communication skills that will allow them to converse effectively with team members and workers. In order to efficiently develop these important skills, prospective business administration graduates will learn through practical experiences. For instance, instruction will likely be delivered through formats such as presentations, internships, expert interactions, case projects, industry applications. This allows students to gain instruction through a lecture type format, apply what they have learned using a real world scenario, and therefore, extend their level of understanding.

Among the course work required to obtain your Master's degree in business administration, you will be required to earn a passing score in core courses like marketing, financial management, business statistics, ethics, strategic management, accounting, and information technology. Once you have completed the majority of the core curriculum for your bachelor’s degree, you can choose an area to specialize in. Some of the choices you will have are legal management, supply chain management, tourism management, real estate, management information systems, or international business. It is completely feasible to pursue your Master's degree in business administration through a traditional brick and mortar college institution or through an online institution of higher learning. As long as you ensure that the post-secondary school is an accredited learning institution, then your Master's degree will hold the same merit no matter how you choose to obtain your degree. Furthermore, a business school that is accredited by the AACSB is likely to have a curriculum that is more directly aligned with the requirements a graduate will need on a daily basis in the capacity of business administrator. Students who attend a school accredited by this association will have professors who teach them to have the confidence needed to succeed in this career path.


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