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When you watch television are you more interested in the commercials? When you flip through a magazine are you drawn to the ads with their bright colors and catchy slogans? Have you ever wondered if the same things seem to stick out to other people? Maybe you should consider applying your natural ability to a career in advertising. Ironically, a degree in advertising will make you just as marketable in other industries, such as public relations. In this profession you would be in charge of implementing, and possibly managing, a company’s advertising strategies. It would be critical for you to be able to approach it from a sales perspective, a technical perspective, and a business perspective. You will likely be responsible for negotiating agreements with outside sales representatives, as well as managing discussions and sales with agencies and sponsors. Your success will largely depend upon you being able to use different types of marketing techniques such as internet, publications, radio, and television.

Advertising Certificate Programs

In order to work in the industry of advertising you must first obtain a formal degree. You could choose to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Bachelor of Science degree, or a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. It is important that you understand that each of these degree programs will consist of slightly different coursework, but will result in you having similar training in the end. As you work on your bachelor’s degree in advertising design you will learn about theories of advertising as it relates to consumer behavior, public relations, and market trends. Your coursework will teach you about visual arts concepts such as scale, shape, layout, and color and how to advertise in a professional and ethical manner. You will receive training on how to create commercials, campaigns, and other design projects that can be used in many different aspects of the media. Prior to completing your degree program you will be expected to complete an internship and to compile a portfolio of your work. You will use your portfolio to show potential employers what you are capable of producing, so it will be important to do a good job as you compile this. Take a moment and request a free information packet from any of the schools on our site that interest you.

Once you have obtained your degree in a field of advertising you will be able to seek employment as an advertising sales agent, as a public relations specialist, or as a copywriter, among other popular options. Of course, should you decide to further your level of educational degree you will have additional job opportunities available to you. Get started on your advertising courses today, research any of the schools shown below.

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