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So what industries are the best for this career? In our opinion the best positions are those in higher end fortune 500 companies. The main reason is that these companies know how important admin assistants are and that almost all high end executives have personal assistants. The high-tech industry is a good industry to look into as well as the pharmaceutical industry. We had a lady last year that e-mailed us and told us her story as to how she became a Vice President in less than 3 years and you’ll never guess where she started? When this lady applied for the role she knew she wanted to work for this company but didn’t have the proper credentials for a Senior Director let alone a VP role. She did however understand the business and knew she would make a big impact if just given the chance. For the first few months she did exactly what the VP wanted her to do but at the same time she was learning the business and also taking notes on what areas needed improvement. She shared her finding with her boss but never received the proper credit for her ideas. After a full year of work she finally had enough information to present her ideas (as well as her old ideas) to the President. The President was so impressed with her work that she was promoted to District Manager. From that point on she worked hard each day and was promoted the following year to Senior Director. Her old VP boss was soon fired and she was given the job.

I always like to tell this story because we get e-mails all the time from people who tell us that they don’t have the time to go to school and get a degree but really need a job that requires you to have one. I tell people to just get a job at the company you with to work at and don’t worry about your degree at first. If you want to become a computer programmer then take a intro to computer course that gets you a certificate and while you’re working then go back to school and get your degree. I like administrative assistants because they are jobs where most people qualify for and you still can reap the benefits of employer tuition reimbursement. Make your employer pay for your college. To find online administrative assistant classes in your area check out the schools we have listed above. Being a secretary has been an iconographic profession for many years. Secretaries fade into the background as they have become ubiquitous. Nevertheless, do not be fooled. This dynamic and rigorous profession begins at the vocational level and progresses right up to the degree level, and beyond. The skills that are needed can be learn from the "ground-floor" up, with entry level secretarial and office positions available to, theoretically speaking, a high-school graduate with the requisite basic skills such as typing, office technology, computer business software, filing, basic bookkeeping and telephone systems. However, success in the field will require at least a 1-year certification course or an Associate’s degree (2-year, full time). For higher level executive assistants, medical and legal for example, a 4-year degree is increasingly sought so as to insure the ability of the secretary to manage the complex affairs of the executives in the various fields. The Certificate is a vocational one, CC, and must be obtained at an accredited training center. It will take about 12 to 24 months at 12 to 15 credit hours per term to complete. For an Associate’s Degree in the medical, legal and business sectors, it is usually 24 months at 12 to 15 credit hours per term to completion.

One of the most exciting new developments in this age-old, universal profession is the "Virtual Assistant" This is an independent "Administrative Assistant" that uses the internet and other telecommuting technology to provide contract AA services. While actual average annual earnings are significantly less and some believe that this is weakening the market this bold new market is strong and growing. The employment opportunity derives is value from the independence and flexibility that is afforded to the contractor and the cost control that is realized by the employer. With the growth curve for Legal and Medical secretaries (Administrative Assistants) in mind, it’s easy to project strong growth for this segment of the market. Whether or not the industries that are hiring are growing at that rate isn't a factor as the need for these vital personnel will outstrip that growth. This is due to the increasing need for competent personnel to manage day-to-day office activities and to manage the information flow for the executives, managers and other office personnel. Primarily, it is the increase in communications and the flow of information in our modern, information intensive world that drives this demand. The different areas included within the Administrative Assistant sector are Medical dental, Legal, Business/general and the certification for the Certified Virtual Assistant, of course. Find the top administrative assistant courses online from the top online education programs in the country.


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