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Are you ready to begin working on your post-secondary educational degree? Have you basically decided to complete a bachelor’s level degree so that you will be as qualified as possible to enter the work force in your chosen field of study? Is your biggest struggle at this point trying to determine the most appropriate field of study that will fit your strengths and interests? If you said yes to each of these questions, then you will certainly want to continue reading below to learn what you can about an online bachelor’s degree program.
A bachelor’s degree program, which typically requires students to complete four years of coursework, will surely prepare you to obtain practically any position you decide to pursue. Keep in mind, in some fields a bachelor’s degree program will allow you to obtain an intermediate level position, while in other fields you may only be qualified for an entry level position. Remember, in many cases you will only be able to move up the ranks of your career ladder by adding to your level of experience and by proving your worth to your employer or supervisor. Although many students only complete a bachelor’s level degree as a means of acquiring their education, many students will transition from completing their bachelor’s degree to obtaining their graduate level degree. This determination will depend upon you and may be largely dependent upon the field of study you are pursuing.

It is not uncommon these days for a 4 year Bachelor’s degree to take 5 and even 6 years to complete. The main reason is cost. Since the average cost of obtaining your degree exceeds $50,000 students simply don’t have the means to go to school full-time and still afford rent and the cost of living. Often students take lighter class loads to allow them to still work full-time during school. The median salary of a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree is $45,500 where those not having any degree make only $30,000 and those with just a high school diploma earn $28,000.

Although there are many different, more specific areas for students to select from it is most common for students to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree or a Bachelor of Science degree. For instance, these two types of degree programs can be awarded to students who are completing a degree in teacher education, humanities, performing arts, business, or even psychology, among other options. It is important to understand that practically every possible career path that you could be considering for your future is likely to fall under the umbrella category of a bachelor’s level degree program. It will likely serve you well to do some research regarding your intended career path and how a bachelor’s degree program does or does not fit into the realm of possibilities. For instance, while a bachelor’s level degree will surely be sufficient for you to work within the business world, if you hope to own or manage a large corporation then you will probably find that a master’s level degree may better serve your future endeavors.

Online Bachelor's Degrees Allow Flexibility

One of the great things about taking an online Bachelor’s degree program is the flexibility that you’ll have with the program. Many schools offer online programs that are fully online. This allows you to take the program from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. For those who have to work or aren’t near a school this is a great option. Other schools offer a hybrid approach with their online program. These programs use a combination of campus based training with online. If you are the type of student that needs more of a hands-on approach to your education but still want the flexibility then make sure to look for schools that offer this option. Another reason why so many students are enrolling in a Bachelor’s program online is the flexibility it gives students to complete the program quicker than being a traditional student. On average you can cut down a typical 24 month program by 3-4 months with an accelerated program.
Why an Online Bachelor’s Degree is Preferred by Employers
One reason why earning your Bachelor’s degree is preferred is that is really does separate you from the rest of your competition when looking for a job. Those who earned their degree online probably worked during the duration of their training. This shows employers your hard work and determination. It also will allow you to volunteer while you are completing your training. Many employers have recently increased their hiring requirements for entry level jobs to a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. Over 61% of hiring managers now won’t even consider you unless you have earned a BA or higher. If you are considering a government job then a Bachelor’s degree these days is a minimum and we would even recommend getting an advanced degree.

Top Online Bachelor's Degrees Available

Art and Design – Do you have an artistic flair for design? Do you like working with your hands in a creative manner? If so they research all of the different areas available to you in order to earn your Bachelor’s degree. One area to consider is multimedia design where you’ll work on creating eye catching graphics for print as well as online. Often multimedia designers work with video creation and presentations. Unlike graphic design you typically will work with a team of individuals to accomplish a project. If helping others is more of your style then perhaps careers in interior design and interior decorating is more in line with your career aspirations. You’ll be responsible for helping others and coming up with designs for their home or office. If working with your hands on finished products is something of interest then research degrees in dressmaking, furniture design and even jewelry design. Any of these degrees are available from an accredited college listed.
Business Degrees – The total number of bachelor’s degrees increased by 10% to 966,000 degrees issued where 34% of them were in a business related degree. One of the most popular online business degrees to earn is that in management. The program covers a wide variety of subjects including marketing, project management, accounting, leadership and communications. The average salary for marketing managers is $123,450, business managers $105,000.
Computer IT Degrees – When researching computer related training you’ll find a lot of quick certification training in Cisco, Microsoft and Oracle. These are great program that will get you certified in a particular topics however if you are serious about a career in computer technology then it is must you earn your Bachelor’s or higher degree in computer science. You can also find colleges that offer degrees in computer engineering, computer information systems and database administration.
Communication/Journalism – Would you to be the voice of a company? Companies hire people who have their Bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism and public relations. Many who start your business degree get jobs after graduation as account executives, account coordinators and account superiors. Your training speaking to others and even negotiation skills is a variable asset to any company.
Healthcare – When research colleges that offer Bachelors programs you’ll find more online options when you research those available in the healthcare field. Programs such as: Dental Assisting, Health Information Technology, LVN, Medical Practice Management, Occupational Therapy Assisting, Respiratory Care Therapy and Veterinary Assisting Technology are all areas of study that schools offer online.
Psychology Bachelor’s Degree Programs – If you want to learn more about the human mind and how it works and affects others then a career in Psychology could be a good fit. Start researching programs in forensic psychology, mental health counseling, school counselor and substance abuse additions counseling. Currently in the US there are over 106,500 licensed psychologists with California having the highest concentration with over 16%, followed by New York with 14% and Pennsylvania with 3% of the total population.