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Political Science Degree

Political Science Degree

Political Science is a great major to be involved in. Courses will cover major areas including public policy, government and politics, political theory, among others. Depending on the level of degree, a student has different options when entering into some industry. There are so many great campaigns around the country that you can participate in. You can become an advocate for the Human Rights Campaign in the state of Illinois for example if you happen to care fairly deeply about different political issues out there in the state of Illinois, one of these focuses may be the issue of gay rights for example.

If you are working as a political science major you can also advocate for a repeal of the estate tax in the state of Indiana for example. There are plenty of farmers who care deeply about the repeal of the estate tax as they hand their farms over to friends and family members for example. One of the groups you can work within the state of Indiana on this matter would be the National Taxpayers Union. The National Taxpayers Union is a nationally known group, but they have a lot of strong state chapters who have a more condensed focus.

You can also take plenty of foreign policy classes that will bring you enough experience for the National Council on Foreign Affairs. Richard Haas and people like that are glad to have you. If you are ready work on specific tax issues due to the public policy courses at the university level, you can work for Dick Armey at FreedomWorks for instance. Their general rule is that smaller federal and state governments around the world tend to work. The people who work there tend to have advocate against laws which raise taxes and give us less freedom.

The organization of campaigns for specific candidates is something that you can work for around the country. Just as an example if you are a fairly progressive Democrat in the suburbs of Chicago, you can apply to work for the re-election campaign of Mike Quigley for example. If you happen to be a conservative Republican in the state of Georgia, you may decide to work for the re-election campaign of Phil Gingrey. If you prefer a different Georgia Peach however, you can work for the Nathan Deal for Governor campaign. The people who study political science in the South are often quite satisfied with the quality of the course work.

The people who even organize for candidates who tend to lose can get their name out there and develop deals involving other candidates and have some other healthy situations for their career. A campaign manager certainly can draw a good salary if the candidate they happen to be working for is well funded. A Political Science degree is certainly a good enough major that a lot of people who are involved in it happen to end up in the teaching profession themselves. There are plenty of people who also end up teaching history courses through the Political Science courses that they take.