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Possible Career Options in the Field of Art and Design

Are you an artistically inclined person who has completed a degree program in art and design? Are you now trying to figure out what to do with your education? While there are numerous career possibilities in this industry, as with most any profession, there will definitely be some positions that are more popular choices than others. The specific position that you choose to pursue will surely depend upon your artistic areas of strength and your career goals and needs. However, your educational program will likely prepare you for positions in areas such as animation, design, multimedia design, paint, or sculpture, among others. Your chosen area of employment in the industry of art and design is likely to be very dependent upon whether you are more comfortable working with traditional forms of art (like sculpture, sketching, or painting) or if you prefer working with more technology based forms of art (such as animation, cartooning, or film design). It is important to note that the tools you will use in your art and design occupation will primarily depend on which area of this industry you plan to focus your work in. It is imperative to note that no matter which specific venue of this industry that you plan to pursue you can expect job competition to be fierce. Therefore, you will want to ensure that you do a great job compiling a portfolio that accurately demonstrates your work abilities. Reserach all art and design schools today.

There are many popular and fast growing positions in the industry of art and design. For example, you could work as an animator who creates many different types of images that are found within a wide range of electronic media. Or, perhaps an architect is more to your liking and your abilities. As an architect you will use your knowledge of art and design to create practically any type of residence or building. In this capacity you will be expected to work with a particular setting to create the most appropriate building that has an appropriate flow and layout. Or, maybe a position as an art director appeals more to you. Don't forget about finding art and design degree programs from our main section. In this position you will be expected to develop effective design concepts that are used in all types of print and digital media, such as magazines, newspapers, or websites. Another popular employment option is to become a film and video editor. In this occupation you will be expected to sort through the filmed material and choose the best material to use and to compile it in the most appropriate method.

Perhaps you would prefer to use your education to work as an interior designer. In this profession you will work with furniture, space planning, paint colors, and textiles to design an appealing room or building. Another great professional choice is to work as a product EO or industrial designer; this would require you to design everyday type products that are effective for a particular use by consumers. Regardless of which of these professions that you choose, you are sure to be able to use your artistic abilities to create dynamic products!