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Do you find immense joy in capturing moments using your camera? Do you like to make people happy by producing amazing shots of them or their family members? Do you find that your friends and family are always asking you to bring along your camera so that you can get pictures of a certain event or occasion? If you said yes to each of these questions, then maybe it’s time for you to take that leap to become an actual photographer. As a photographer you will be using your pictures to document a story or to preserve memories. If you work as a photographer in a more public light, then you may be using your pictures to attempt to generate a specific feeling or sentiment from the audience. While there isn’t a nationally recognized educational path for photographers to pursue, there are some courses that you can take to teach you about general techniques and editing skills. In addition, skill is what separates professional photographers from amateur photographers, not licensing or certification exams. In your capacity as a photographer it will be important that you are always on the lookout for great photo opportunities and that you and your camera are rarely ever separated. This will make it possible for you to capture practically any moment that occurs.

To become a successful photographer you will want to begin by gaining admittance to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program at your post-secondary school of choice. It is common for photography degree programs to teach you everything you will need to know about digital photography and darkroom photography. You will also be required to complete elective courses to obtain your diploma. Some post-secondary schools offer a Bachelor of Arts degree program with a concentration in photography. Either of these types of degree program will adequately prepare you to enter the work force and be successful as a photographer. Should you decide to further your educational degree by obtaining your master’s degree you will likely have to complete a thesis to demonstrate your abilities. Keep in mind, as you peruse the schools listed on our site, take a moment and request that they send you a free information packet. It is common for photographers to work in many different industries. For instance, photographers are needed to document news stories that we read about in newspapers or magazines. Many freelance photographers spend their time photographing weddings, births, or portraits. It would even be possible for you to use your photography skills to work with the paparazzi. By obtaining specific industry related skills it would also be possible for you to work as a scientific photographer, a forensic photographer, or other relative career paths.