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Do you love to design, draw, or create characters? What may seem like a hobby or interest can actually be a potential career for you. If you have a passion and talent for creating art and designing plans and outlines, with the right education, these skills can take you very far. With a degree in multi-media animation, you may be able to enter an extremely fun and exciting career in the arts, and make a living by bringing your artwork to life and sharing it with others. A multi-media animation degree will prepare you for work in many industries including film, television, print media, web design, and advertising. The coursework builds on your current knowledge of design and expands those skills to apply to apply to many new and different technologies. The coursework covers areas such as computer system skills, design basics, graphic design, production, digital publishing, and web design. All industries are in need of talented artists who can create an appealing visual brand for their company, so there is more demand for creative talent than you may originally assume. Multi-media animators lead very fascinating careers. Their job is to take an idea, or a sketch, and bring it to life through computer technology. If you are working in film or television, it may be your responsibility, as the animator, to take a character from a simple pen and paper sketch and bring it to its full animation on the screen that everyone can fully appreciate.

Working in multi-media animation does not simply mean creating animated characters and allowing them to move and talk. There are many other creative occupations available. With a multi-media animation degree, you can learn to create exciting special effects for films. With further education, you can concentrate on special effects and be the expert that the biggest action film directors in the world rely on to make their films look as realistic and thrilling as possible. You can also purse the game design industry and learn to create a character, or an entire world, that will fascinate gamers all over the world. There are also routes outside of film and television that a multi-media animator can pursue. As mentioned before, most companies need a talented designer to create images to show off their company or product. Multi-media animators create appealing advertising images for print advertisements, as well as commercial and web advertisements. There is also a great need for animators to format articles in magazines and develop creative layouts for websites. Multi-media animators are valued for their ability to catch the eye and create an organized and appealing visual for the consumer. Look below to find all multi-media certificate programs.

With the help of a multi-media degree program, you can develop the skills needed to thrive in any one of these occupations, depending on where your interests lie. You will learn about commercial development, game design, special effects, web graphics, 2D and 3D modeling and animation, as well as print design. An education will not only develop your skills, but it will also make you stand out among your competition when applying for jobs in this competitive industry. Employers want candidates who have put the time and effort into learning all of the latest skills and technologies, to provide them with the most cutting edge and original technologies. With a degree in multi-media technology, you can build your own career by expressing your creativity through videos, text, graphics, animations and more. We have done all of the work for you so you can easily find a multi-media school to start on your certificate or degree.


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